Border Walls Are Huge Business!

The border between the United States and Mexico has a long and often turbulent history. The past shows the fact that after the Mexican American War in 1848, the Treaty of Peace, Limits, Friendship, and Settlement was held between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic. This was named as Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and according to this development, the half of Mexico’s Land was given to the US. Those areas are now famous as California, Utah, Nevada, and Texas, and also parts of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.
What Happened Next?

The land that Mexico gave up in Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty was, however, more or less unmapped when it was signed. The commissions from the United States and Mexico was directed by Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty to map the boundary and draw permanent signs on the ground. So, the U.S. and Mexico boundary commissions planned this boundary between 1849 and 1857.

When the Border Wall Started Building

During the presidency of Bill Clinton, the decision was taken to build a wall along with the US-Mexico Border. The main purpose of building this wall was to stop the transportation of illegal drugs and preventing illegal crossings. So, the barriers were started constructed from 1994, the Mexico–United States obstacle which is called the Border Wall, is based on the construction of vertical barriers. The barriers are not a single contiguous structure, but a long and discontinuous series of material obstructions that are called “walls” and “fences”.

The Secure Fence Act

The Secure Fence Act of 2006 is an endorsement of the construction of the fencing barrier along the Mexican border. It is consisting of hundreds of miles and it will be a limit between the United States and Mexico, including urban areas and deserts. The fence barrier is located on uninhabited and urban sections of the border where illegal trafficking has been observed. The areas include California, San Diego, El Paso, and Texas. The fencing incorporates with a steel fence, its height varies in between 18 to 26 feet. The additional layers of pedestrian fencing have also been deployed behind the primary border fencing in some areas.

Large-Scale Barriers

The US-Mexico border is actually a large-scale barrier which is being constructed by the United States. It’s a mix of concrete, steel secure fence, and virtual fence of cameras, sensors, and other high-class surveillance equipment. This system is being operated by the US Border Patrol Agents; their responsibility is to stop suspected migrant crossings. The large-scale barriers are still under construction and being built in different parts.

US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for drilling and testing soil samples. They are doing this work from the time the project was started. They are doing this work as the part of wall construction preparations along the US-Mexico Border. The aim of soil testing is to decide which type of wall construction will work best at different points of the border like, concrete wall or fence wall. The Engineer Corps has already completed the testing work in Calexico, CA, and El Paso, TX and the work is under progress in New Mexico, the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, and San Diego. The department has been working very closely and they are paying special attention to the most important border areas.

Border Wall is Considered a Boost for U.S. Steel Industry

It’s a fact, that the US-Mexico border will boost the U.S. Steel Industry. “According to President Trump, the steel wall along with the Mexican border isn’t just about protecting the country from terrorists and drug dealers. It would also be a boon for the steel industry. He says it is essential for American identity”.

The need of steel for the border wall is now playing a great role to make the steel companies more powerful. It is like protecting the Steel Industry of America, the steel industry is now successful and getting better every single day.

“Border Walls Are Big Business”

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