Are your lower eyes aging you?

Are your lower eyes aging you?

Lower eyelid bags can be a hereditary issue that some of our younger patients will admit they felt they had all their lives. This is typically due to a weak wall of collagen not supporting the fat surrounding the eye sufficiently.  As we mature, the eyes are usually the first facial feature to display symptoms of aging, which usually can be followed by skin laxity and drooping, fat displacement and minor lines or creases.

With lower eyelid bag surgery or lower blepharoplasty, the excess fat is removed and sometimes repositioned to provide a smoother transition between the eyelid and cheek. The purpose of eyelid surgery is to give patients a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes, making you look more rested and alert.

Recovery time after lower eyelid bag surgery is typically 7-10 days due to swelling and bruising with lower eyelid surgery. For patients who are unsure about what surgical procedures to start with to help with the aging process, this one out patient procedure should not be overlooked. Find out more visit

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