EPL Week 12 Wrap: Who Can Stop the Citizens?

By Tijjani Abdulsalam

It seems we are going to have to wait a little longer for an answer to this question: who can stop Pep Guardiola’s boys? With 34 points out of a possible 36, the citizens have established a fairly healthy 8-point gap over their neighbors and closest rivals. Poor Leicester City were the latest casualty. The amazing thing about their current state is not merely in the point gulf at the summit of the table, but in the quality of their all round play and the ease, expertise and perfection with which they go about their business. So far, based on the numbers, it would seem that Pep has successfully pepped up this team onto a whole new level of ambition, ability and confidence. Only time will tell if the other teams will be able to derail, and subsequently overtake this seemingly unstoppable winning machine powered by Pep. Next time Man City take to the field in the EPL someone may need to dial 911. If no one can stop this weekly assault, at least the police can!

Say What You Like, Arsenal Still Run North London

Arsenal-celebrate-against-Spurs-1024x622 EPL Week 12 Wrap: Who Can Stop the Citizens?

The question of who owns the Pride of London bragging rights may still be unsettled between Arsenal and Chelsea fans but one thing is certain: Arsenal still run and own North London. Apparently, that corner is Arsenal territory. Spurs may try for all they can, and they really have over the past couple of seasons, but as far as North London is concerned, the Gunners still run the show. Wenger’s boys delivered an almost perfect performance to inflict a two-nil derby defeat on Spurs. Alexis turned up, and so did everyone else. Knowing Arsenal for who they are, however, we refuse to be carried away. We will wait to see if this is the beginning of a run of excellence, or simply, a one-off transaction inspired by the obsession to continually ‘suppress’ a noisy neighbor. With Arsenal we won’t need to wait too long to find out.

Between Salah and Morata, Whom Would You Have Signed?

Arsenal-celebrate-against-Spurs-1024x622 EPL Week 12 Wrap: Who Can Stop the Citizens?

Salah and Morata, both summer signings for their teams, continue to rack up the numbers. Both delivered again over the weekend to help their teams, with the Egyptian grabbing a brace against Southampton and Morata sneaking one in against West Brom. The Egyptian leads the scorers’ chart with 9 goals while the Spaniard ties with Lukaku and Gabriel Jesus on 8 goals. Lukaku is a Premier League veteran and Jesus isn’t exactly a new signing, having enjoyed some action last season, hence the debate on which one of the two summer signings has delivered better so far. Fans who want to see both players simultaneously need not wait for long as Chelsea and Liverpool go head on in next week’s star match.

 Elsewhere in the EPL,

Arsenal-celebrate-against-Spurs-1024x622 EPL Week 12 Wrap: Who Can Stop the Citizens?

The return of Pogba and the King of Class himsmelf-Zlatan, to the Manchester United line up, overshadowed the rematch of one of football’s bitterest managerial rivalries of the last decade- Mourinho V Benitez. In the hey-days of their Chelsea and Liverpool reigns, Mou and Rafa hardly saw eye to eye. Times have indeed changed, and with it, a lot of things. While the special one is still hanging on at the upper class of club football with Man United, same can’t be said of Poor Ol’ Rafa. The Spaniard went from managing Real Madrid in the Champions League to relegation with Newcastle United into the Championship within the same season in a classic tale of grace to grass. By and Large, it’s good to have him back rubbing shoulders with the big boys.


Catch y’all next week. Cheers!



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  • Arsenal-celebrate-against-Spurs-1024x622 EPL Week 12 Wrap: Who Can Stop the Citizens?

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