Family Comes First – Home Security Options

Family Comes First - Home Security Options

By Rachel Stinson

Unfortunately, some families have headed out for fun filled vacation only to return home to find out that an unknown person has entered their home and many expensive things have been taken. Then in some cases, the home has significant damage, broken glass, doors, furniture, etc. To avoid this kind of catastrophe, individuals need to think about home security options.

One of the first things people need to consider when it comes to home security options is the door. Many people believe a deadbolt is all they need to protect themselves, but experienced intruders can get past this type of lock with little effort. In fact, many burglars will simply hit the entire door and break it away from the door frame. Therefore, homeowners can buy a locking system with a large plate on the door. Then on the frame, the screws should extend a minimum of one inch into the dash cam and stud in the wall.

If any gap between the stud and the frame, a piece of hardwood can be added, this will help add strength. People need to remember that using the metal system is much stronger than wood.  Additionally, this type of lock system must be installed not just on the front door, but also on the back door as well.

Door hinges must also be checked. For instance, if the hinges are exposed, an intruder could simply use a screwdriver to remove them and get easy access to the house. Sliding glass doors can be more protective by placing a wooden or metal rod at the bottom of the rails. With this, it would be impossible to open the door.

The windows of the home are also important to look at. Obviously, glass breakage is a common way that an intruder will get inside the home. Choose a better locking system, and when someone thinks about the home alarm system, they can choose a feature in which any glass breakage would set off the alarm.  Of course, windows, even those up high should never be left unlocked, especially if the homeowner is not around.

Many national security providers, such as ADT offer wireless security options. These configurations allow you to upgrade an existing home without the need for massive renovations to run the wires. Wireless options are more affordable and are sometimes included in the basic package provider offers. Before you sign a contract, make sure to look this option because not all carriers have this technology.

Pet doors are another way in which a person can enter a home. A perfect solution is to have an electronic door installed. For this, the dog would wear a special collar with a transmitter on it while the door had a receiver. Only the animal wearing this collar would have what it takes to open and close the door. As soon as the animal passes through the door, it closes and cannot be opened without a transmitter on the collar.

Although nobody wants to have belongings like silver, jewelry, nanny cam with audio, crystals, expensive vases, and other valuables stolen, there is always a chance to recover the items back when carefully marked. For this purpose, valuables can be marked by identification number, scratched, etched or written with water-soluble ink. This way, should items be stolen and recovered items can be easily identified and returned to the rightful owner.


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