Ladies: What are You Bringing to the Table?

Ladies: What are You Bringing to the Table?

By Jane Ohaji-Akwani

So sisters…

What exactly are you bringing to the table?

A big booty?

Perfectly sculpted brows?

A shape to die for?

A full head of Brazilian hair?

A penchant for the latest songs and dance steps?

A group of empty and vacuous brained friends?

What exactly is he going to find when he knocks on your head?

All the episodes of Zee World, Telemundo, Tinsel and Africa Magic all recorded in perfect sequence? Empire nko? Every soundtrack, every character dissected to a tee?

Do you know anything about the New World Order? Neo-colonialism? Your own home politics? What’s happening in Ghana, Gambia, Gabon? Do you even know something about anything remotely connected to intelligent discourse?

When last did you read a book? No not Hints. Not Genevieve. Not Arise. A book. You know that sort that has printed pages in between covers and no pictures just words? Oh they give you a headache?

What exactly will bring a man your way and keep him? Do you have a source of income? A skill? Financial intelligence or you are a walking ATM seeker? Do you always ask ask ask and not work work work?

Do you know how to cook? Yes cook. Cook for yourself at least not because you want to keep a man but because you ought to take better care of what you feed your body? Do you know the way to the kitchen or are you a Mr Biggs, Dominoes or KFC shareholder. Never mind the bigger swankier restaurants.

Tell me what exactly are you bringing to the table?

This is 2017. Entitlement died on December 26th and was buried on December 31st 2016. Wise up.

This is 2017…the year of the strong woman. Say it. Mean it. Believe it. Be it!



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