Read a Letter to Facebook ‘Toasters and Chaikers’ Written by a Nigerian Lady

Read a Letter to Facebook ‘Toasters and Chaikers’ Written by a Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady named Chy Anyanwu has written a letter to Facebook users to advise them on how not to make a fool of themselves in the name of expressing love for a romantic interest on social media. Read her letter next:

Dear brothers and sisters of social media especially Zuckerville residents,

I hope this letter meets you well.

I crave your highest indulgence to please check someone’s profile before you slip into their DM, PM or whatever private messaging form you may choose.
Before you start “toasting”, “chaiking”, “talking to” or “being fresh” with anyone, check the following:

1. If they are married.

2. If they are old enough to be your grand mother/father.

3. If their children can physically man-handle you(which is a dangerous thing “should in case” they run into you somewhere and teach you an adequate lesson as not everyone understands this thing called the God kind of love oh).

4. If there are better things they can do for you apart from the foolery you are about to display thereby missing a god-given opportunity.

Do not, I repeat do not hide under the shadows of social media to display your bad behavior or tell the whole world you were not properly trained or at worst had no home training at all.

Respect is still in vogue and pays a whole lot.

Use your data wisely.

A word is enough for the wise.

Thanks for reading

There you have it folks,  be careful who you go about “toasting” on Facebook and other social media. A word should be enough for the wise or what do you think?

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