Love is Beautiful

Love is Beautiful

 By Kufre Udeme

There are times when you feel so lonely that you need someone to talk to. There are times when the world seems too big and your heart grows so empty that you need someone to hold unto. There are times when nothing interests you, when life becomes boring, work becomes a burden, and school becomes annoying.

At this time all you need is someone to lean unto; someone to make you smile and bring you strength; someone willing to be no one else’s pillar but yours. The best food one can think of is on the table. The best entertainment is right before your eyes. And you have the most comfortable accommodation, but happiness is still far away. You drive the latest of cars and make the most expensive of tours; you couple the newest of fashion and fill your wallet and bank account to brim, still, there is no rest for your soul. At this point what you need is love.

Love is so great and powerful that all things yearn for it. At birth man was welcomed out of love; at death love is there to say goodbye. Love is sweet, but the sweetest part of it is bitter. At sunrise love is tender and fragile; at sunset love is matured and tough. Love is free, but the freest part of it is costly. Love takes away boredom, brings life and energy to the body; love takes away anger, brings hope and tranquility to the soul. Love is so distinct and essential that neither riches nor glory, neither fame nor wisdom can overwhelm it.

Love is neither passion nor action, but the deepest expression of passion in action. Love is never seen but felt, so love is not love without feelings. Love is one but meaningless without two, so love is empty in isolation but mighty in cooperation.

Above all things seek love, for the richest of men is the poorest of all without love. In all things paint love, for beauty is an illusion but love makes it a reality.


Kufre Udeme is a culturally bound Nigerian Writer and a graduate of Philosophy majoring on Aesthetics. He is currently working on his debut novel which is a historical story about African Witchcraft and serving at the same time at Awhile Christian Forum as the President. He blogs at

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