Love is Blind: 5 Reasons to Never Be ‘Blinded’ by Online Relationships!

Love is Blind: 5 Reasons to Never Be ‘Blinded’ by Online Relationships!

Love is blind is an over-flogged phrase. But is it really blind? What is indisputable is that technology has significantly changed the concept of love and dating. Today, you can meet anyone, anywhere especially online. There is now social media and dating websites where you can chat up your preferred relationship choice and take it from there.

Since technology has simplified dating, some have engaged online with reckless abandon. That they get easily carried away and ‘blinded’ by the thrills of online dating. In other words, Jumia travel is stressing caution when starting the relationship. There is nothing wrong with dating someone you meet online. Here are reasons why you should never be blinded by the thrills of online relationships.

There are so many fake people online
It is very easy for anyone to fake their online identity. You can use a fake picture, post pictures posing in front of a car that is not yours and much more. In addition, you cannot verify the identity of the person you are chatting with. Hence, you should be very careful of these online playboys.

It barely lasts
Online relationships barely last because both parties may be in it for the fun. It is perhaps lust rather than love. And lust doesn’t last. In fact, it is difficult to build trust, romance, and compassion.

He may be an online player
There is very high possibility that you are not the only online beau that he is after. He has a bevy of online women whom he is dating. You wouldn’t want to join that number.


It is all about sexual innuendos
Your conversation always has a whiff of sexual innuendos. In other words, your chats with him or her are always driving towards sex. This is what many online relationships result in. So, if you don’t want to engage in the sexual innuendos. The relationship usually ends there! It is better you opt out if your tete-a-tete is always about sex.

It may not go offline
The best way to guarantee that you are dating someone you meet online is for both of you to take it offline. This means that both of you have to go on a date. But many people are scared because they don’t want something unsavoury to happen to them. Perhaps, it is better to abandon online relationships in its entirety.

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