The Love Story Between a Law Student and Campus Babe

The Love Story Between a Law Student and Campus Babe

By Festus Ogun

Last week, I met her in one of those rusty campus shuttles that are desperately in need of panel beating. As a lover and admirer of beauty, my mind ordered me to call her attention to her Marian beauty and thereafter appreciate it and if possible, she should ‘friend’ or not befriend me.

I started with some unnecessary self-distraction then followed it with murmuring greetings and demanding what her name was. She replied all my body languages with a sort of “who the hell are you sef?” look. “what is wrong with you? Go and meet your mates!”, she thundered.

I respected myself by minding-my-business and keeping my greetings and admirations in my pocket. You see, I immediately demanded the return of the transport fare that I paid on her behalf (only in my mind). I felt sad and embarrassed.

This morning, I met this same lady during the rush hour. I stubbornly approached her with a nice smile. I was on my corporate white-and-black uniform. She asked me “how are you dear? So, you are a law student? You’re looking good sir!”

On hearing this, my eyeballs almost fell on ground in surprise at her comments. Well, to cut the story short, that was how the conversation started. Before I knew what was happening, she requested for my phone number and flashed me. She told me Folakemi is her name and I told her what Festus meant. She even said ” awwwwwwn, your name sounds unique and fine.”

This time around, she paid our transport fare and asked if we could dine together in one of the top food canteens on campus. I consented with a smile (who will reject that in this recession season? ). She promised to call me in the afternoon.

While walking along the way to our different classes, she confessed that she naturally admires Law students especially outspoken ones like me. I was like “abalajo”! I similarly told her I admire Accounting students. We both laughed!

Lesson: most of the ladies in town will not come to you because of who you are but because of the things you have or are involved in.

Same thing with life: “olowolayemo” - the society only recognises and respects successful people.

In the eyes of many, they think all Law students will eventually become successful. They are of the opinion that once you are a Law student, you are or will be rich. This line of thought is wrong. Many lawyers are outside there wallowing in abject poverty.

She rejected me because I had not presented myself as a Law student. Now, she wants to be “mine” becuase I have appeared as a Law student?

Laye o, baby ko jo.

Nonsense konkobility.


Festus Ogun is an undergraduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State

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