Plastic Surgeon Tansar Mir, MD outlines Pros and Cons of getting Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Tansar Mir, MD outlines Pros and Cons of getting Plastic Surgery

We live in an age where most of us have thought of getting a cosmetic procedure done at least once. If you are thinking about it, you might want to read the new article by Dr. Tansar Mir, outlining reasons to get it done, or not.

Like everything else, plastic surgery has its pros and cons, and these pros and cons are something that people need to know before they decide to have cosmetic work done on their bodies. Read the new information article on this subject by Tansar Mir, MD, available on his blog at tansarmirmd.home

Before we discuss anything any further, however, it is important first to understand what plastic surgery actually is. Plastic surgery is any reconstructive procedure of the bone, muscle, tissue, or skin that is usually performed to enhance function. It can also be done to improve or complement certain features of a person’s body. Reconstructive procedures that are most popular these days are scar repair, tumor removal, and breast reduction and cosmetic surgery.

What the majority of people worry about the most is the time it all takes. We are talking about the time that will be invested from the beginning - from the very start to the amount of time it will take to heal. While most procedures take no longer than a couple of hours, the amount of time that actually goes into the planning, consideration, strategy, and recovery is far more than what the surgery itself takes to be performed.  The fact is that cosmetic surgery is a long, time-consuming process.  Out of all the aforementioned steps, it is the recovery phase that takes the longest. Once the surgery has been performed, you still have to keep on coming back in for regular checkups to monitor how you are healing. Therefore, if you are someone who is very busy and cannot invest long hours of his or her day, you might want to reconsider this.

Most people who consider getting reconstructive work done opt for non-surgical procedures over it because of the time aspect. It can be particularly difficult for patients with families, demanding careers, and busy schedules to dedicate days, and at times, even weeks for recovering after a surgical procedure.

However, the recovery time, even though not avoidable completely, can be minimized to an extent. It can be negotiated to better suit the needs and schedule of the patient.  Using vacation days or holidays and avoiding getting a procedure done in busy seasons can help incorporate the patient’s recovery into their packed schedules.

The finances are another important aspect of plastic surgery. The cost of a procedure heavily depends on the type of surgery being performed. For instance, bone and muscle reconstruction is pricier than getting lip fillers. What can be ascertained, however, is that all these procedures definitely cost quite a bit.

It is worth noting here that going to less popular practices or surgeons without licenses will not actually save you money. Most of the times procedures carried out by unlicensed practitioners cost much more in corrective surgeries than what they would have initially if an expert did them.

Most people get plastic surgery done simply because they don’t like the way they look or aren’t confident in their bodies. With rhinoplasty and lip fillers being the most sought-after procedures, it has been stated by numerous patients that they just want their features to look better. Plastic surgery has definitely shown to boost a person’s self-confidence.

One of the most frequently asked questions is if these procedures last and if they do, for how long. Now, what needs to be understood here is that the lasting time differs for each procedure. Some are permanent, some are semi-permanent, and others do not last longer than a few months. It really just depends on the procedure and the material being used. What needs to be considered here is whether the amount of time and money that you invest in opting to have these procedures done is worth the end product. If so, then go for it!

Plastic surgery is one of those procedures that can have a major impact on a person’s life. From helping them feel good in their own skin to improving their confidence, it can be a real game changer for people. However, it is always good to consider the pros and cons of any procedure before opting to go under the knife.

Dr. Tansar N. Mir is a plastic & reconstructive surgeon in New York. Dr. Mir received his Doctorate of Medicine with Recognition in Research from the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine after graduating from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience.

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