What Exactly is Wrong With Nigerians? The Rise & Fall of Two Nigerian Members of UK Parliament

What Exactly is Wrong With Nigerians? The Rise & Fall of Two Nigerian Members of UK Parliament

By P.J.

The last General election in the UK ushered in a record number of women and minorities. Amongst them were a few of Ghanaian origin and women of Nigerian background.

While the Ghanaians and other ethnic minorities went about their parliamentary duties and responsibilities to their constituents, some of the Nigerians as usual have gone ahead to soil and tarnish our already dented image.

Fiona Onasanya the Labour MP representing Peterborough was jailed today for 3 months for lying to the Police to avoid speeding points.

Her brother who colluded and tried to conspire with her was jailed for 10 months. Onasanya has already been suspended by the Labour party. She has refused to resign her seat and is now an Independent.

In an unrelated case, Kate Osamor another Nigerian MP has resigned her Position.

Osamor who was promoted to the front bench by the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn as Shadow International Development Secretary (Secretary of a Dept is the Equivalent of a Minister in Nigeria).

She resigned from her role amid accusations that she had misled the public over her son’s drug conviction.

In our usual practice of Nepotism, she employed her son Ishmael in her parliamentary office as a Senior Communications Officer. He was caught with drugs worth £2,500 last year.

A series of bizzare behaviour from Osamor followed. She lied and denied knowledge of the case, she told journalists to “F…off” and “Smash his face in” according to the Times. She also threatened another with a bat and threw a bucket of water at him.

Several MPs have expressed outrage that their behaviour ” failed to uphold” the code of conduct for MP’s. They asked for the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner to conduct an inquiry to these matters and the continued employment of Osamor’s son in Parliament.

These cases exemplify the typical Nigerian norm of the lack of respect for the law. In Nigeria, Onasanya and Osamor would have gotten away with it. They would have used their influence to quash the cases. Although In Osamor’s case it is not for lack of trying. She wrote to the Judge on behalf of her son and later denied it.

These women should be role models and a pride to our children in the UK and the Nigerian Community in general.

What are the chances of the electorate electing British/Nigerians again after the shameful conduct of these women? While other African Countries will treasure representation in the British Parliament, some privileged Nigerians there are misusing they opportunity. Something is definitely wrong with Nigerians.

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