Can AI Disrupt Support and Operations as It Has the Consumer Industry?

Digital data and network connection of human brain isolated on black background in the form of artificial intelligence for technology and medical concept. Motion graphic. 3d abstract illustration
By: Aisera

The invention of AI and its proliferation to the mainstream has caused many disruptions already, especially in the consumer industry. Even if consumers don’t know it, AI is everywhere. It’s behind Google and which results are displayed in their searches. It’s behind the ads they view every day. It’s also behind the content that’s suggested to them.

Now, many experts believe that AI will do the same for support and operations. The disruption is a welcome one, as companies look for more ways to improve customer service .

Let’s take a look at how this next round of disruption may happen.


Technology Disrupts Everything

It’s a bold statement, but just consider how technology has changed in the last couple of decades: Smartphones and the Internet have changed our expectations toward access to information. Your pocket was once was a place to store wallets and keys, but now it can carry the sum of all the world’s knowledge, which you can access quickly and seamlessly.

Uber and Lyft disrupted transportation as we embraced electronic systems that dispatch the nearest available ride, which then takes you to your predetermined destination.


AI Is Changing the World of Customer Service

The changes have already begun; AI has already vastly improved the customer experience as the retail sector implements AI-powered chatbots and other AI technologies to meet customer expectations. Other sectors are not lagging; the travel industry has begun using chatbots to create personalized recommendations on a larger scale.

Many companies across a vast number of industries are already using AI to mitigate customer frustrations and improve their experiences. They realize the benefits of AI, which can already comprehend the context of a wide variety of situations and seamlessly deliver relevant answers and options to the customer. If service requests escalate, these advanced AI-driven virtual assistants deliver relevant information to support agents who can immediately jump in and assist the customer while receiving AI assistance to help them resolve and close tickets quickly.

These may seem like small disruptions but viewed together it becomes clear that AI is continually and quickly improving to provide customers with a higher level of service and revolutionizing the human’s role in customer service.


Key Takeaways

AI is already changing the customer service industry in ways we couldn’t imagine just a couple of years ago. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this disruption that’s quickly becoming the new normal in customer experience. Contact us to learn more, or simply request a demo to see how our AI service desk works for yourself.