Classic Articles

Over the last 3 years, we have had a lot of articles, to help you find them easily, we have created this page specifically to list them. Check out some of our classic articles on Opinions.Ng.

Will Messi and Ronaldo Ever Win the World Cup?

You will not Believe this Transformation of the UAE

How to Win Election into Public Office in Nigeria 

Wizkid’s Starboy Worldwide Ruled Ghana’s Social Media in 2016 

Wobbling Chelsea and the Weight of Heightened Expectations

Woman Wakes Up after 27 Years in Coma

Why Working from Home as a New Mom, is a Win-win

World Cup: Jumia Nigeria to Reward Football Fans for Supporting the Super Eagles

World Emoji Day: Over 60 million emojis used on Facebook, 5 billion on Messenger daily 

How To Be The World’s Greatest Comeback Kid

You Won’t Believe What People Are Saying About the New Gionee A1 Smart Phone

World’s Most Powerful CEOs in 2018

View the List of World Most Valuable Players Under 21

World War 3 Looms as Trump Tweets: ‘North Korea is Looking for Trouble’ 

What Exactly is Wrong With Nigerians? The Rise & Fall of Two Nigerian Members of UK Parliament 

Yaba: the Pulse of Lagos Mainland

See Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the Historic Town of Idanre

Yoruba Cuisines To Try

You are More Likely to Divorce if your Biological Parents Did

This Young Syrian Girl’s Message will Break Your Heart

Examining the Problem of Youth Drug Addiction in Nigeria

Zimbabwe: See the Moment Robert Mugabe Resigned after 37 Years in Power 

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is Dead

Zlatan Gets Sent off after Slapping Montreal Impact Player 

Zuma and ANC: Lessons for Nigeria 

The 2 Busiest ‘Market Places’ in the World

3 Ballon D’Or Nominees That Should Make Way for Sanchez

3 Questions You Should Answer Before Posting On Facebook

3 Simple Ways to Live a Life Without Worry (Hakuna Matata)

3 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Into Taking Action

3 Tips to Make Attendees Comfortable in Your Next Conference

4 Absolutely Important Safety Tips for Traveling this Holiday Season

4 Airplane Facts that can Cure any Fear of Flying

4 Basic Things You Should Consider Before Buying Anything

4 Best Beaches in Africa

4 Best Foods To Eat When in Ghana

4 Best Places for First-Time Overseas Travelers

4 Best Smartphones for Music Lovers

4 Best Ways to Promote an Event Online

4 Brilliant Ways Nigerians can Increase Visibility on LinkedIn

4 Creative Ways to Save Money Eating Out

4 Cities that May Replace London as Europe’s Financial Centre Post-Brexit

4 Countries with the Easiest Visa Procedures for International Students

Critical Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Partner

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture

4 Cultural Gems of Africans

4 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked

4 Effective Ways to Make Money Online

4 Email Etiquettes Most People Ignore

4 Expensive Holiday Mistakes People Make

4 Fascinating African Cultures To Know

4 Fascinating Places to Kayak in Lagos

4 Fascinating South African Festivals

4 Foods You Can Do Almost Anything With

4 Foods You Must Serve at a Nigerian ‘Owambe’

4 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

4 Fun Ways to be Physically Active 

4 Great Achievements of Ancient Africans Most People Don’t Know

4 Great Apps for Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs)

4 Great Apps For Taking Pictures

4 Great Italian Restaurants in Abuja

4 Great Restaurants in Port-Harcourt City

4 Health Signs You Must Never Ignore 

4 Helpful Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

4 Helpful Ways to Travel With a Wi-Fi Only iPad

4 Important Things You Should Know About Online Security

4 Insights that will Change the way you think about Money

4 Important Things to Do if You Want to Retire Early

4 interesting african traditional wedding customs 

4 Interesting Food Facts for a Healthy Lifestyle

4 Interesting Places in Abeokuta You Should Know About

4 Interesting Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

4 Interesting Secrets to Succeed at Job Hunting

4 Interesting Techniques to Preserve Food Without Refrigeration

4 Interesting Things African Parents Do

4 Interesting Ways to Make Life Less Stressful

4 Interesting Ways Not to Be Tired at Work

4 Interesting Ways to Improve Customer Service

4 Lifesaving Tips For Text-Walking

4 Interesting Ways Working Mothers Can Travel with Ease

4 Lifestyle Trends That Make You Happier

4 Money Problems in Nigerian Marriages to Avoid

4 Money Tips for Young Adults

4 Nigerian Foods with Foreign Origin

4 People You Definitely Shouldn’t Travel With

4 Places in the World You Should Visit at Least Once

4 Popular Cultural Festivals in Africa

4 Popular Foods You Didn’t Know Could Make You Gain Crazy Weight

4 Popular Foods to Eat when in South Africa

4 Proven Ways to Enjoy a Flight If You are Plus Size

4 Reasons Why Akwa Ibom State is the Next Big Thing

4 Reasons Budget Travelers Should Visit Ebonyi State

4 Reasons the God of War is Arguably 2018 Best Game

4 Reasons Ikeja City Mall is One of the Best Things to Happen to Lagos

4 Reasons You Should Travel at Least Once in a Lifetime

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Akwa Ibom Before the End of the Year

4 Reasons to Visit Owerri this Easter

4 Secrets For Turning A Small Business Into A Big One

4 Signs a Business Venture is Going Nowhere

4 Simple Tips for a Healthy Tour

4 Simple Ways to Handle a Bad Roommate

4 Simple Ways to Improve your iPad’s Battery Performance

4 Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone

4 Smart Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

4 Smart Things to do When Stranded

4 Smart Things To Do When Stuck in a Bad Hotel Room

4 Smart Tips to Get Your Finances Back on Track After a Setback

4 Spots for the Best Seafood Meals in Lagos and Abuja

4 Smart Ways to Use Tech in the Classroom

4 Strange Cultural Practices Associated with Marriage in Nigeria

4 Superb Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria

4 Sure Ways to Get Thrown off a Flight

4 Surprising Reasons You Should not Drink Water while Eating

4 Surprising Traits of a Good Investment Opportunity

4 Surprising Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About Flying

4 Things You Absolutely Should Do Before Boarding a Plane

4 Things Africa has Given to the World

4 Things Igbo People Like

4 Things To Know About Bloukrans River & Its Bridge

4 Things We Learnt from the EPL Last Weekend

4 Things You Say at Work that Can Ruin Your Career

4 Things Not to Do When You Want to Get Hired

4 Things Most People Don’t Know About Africa

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Internet

4 Things You Say at Work that Can Ruin Your Career

4 Things You Probably Do Not Realise Your iPhone Is Tracking

4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Processed Food

4 Things to Do to Your Smartphone If Does Not Power On

4 Things to Tell Yourself When Feeling Insecure

4 Tips for Disabled Women Getting into Photography as a Full-Time Job

4 Tips to Effectively Build a Business Brand

4 Tips for Getting the Best Travel Prices

4 Tips for Getting Better Audio on Your Smartphone

4 Top Cars in 2018 That Will Give You the Assurance You Need

4 Totally Simple Ways to Get Out of Debt

4 Types Of Underwear For Men With Muscular Legs

4 Types of People You Might Meet on Vacation

4 Unconventional Marketing Tips to Try

4 Unique African Rites of Passage

4 Useful Gift Ideas for Surprising an African Mom

4 Useful Tips for Carrying Heavy Luggage

4 Vital Steps To Take Before Quitting Your Job To Start a Business

4 Ways To Get Rid of Mouth Odour (Halitosis)

4 Ways to Handle Children while Visiting Public Places in Nigeria

4 Ways to Manage a Cracked iPhone Screen

4 Ways Nigerians Can Make Learning Easier with Smart Gadgets

4 Ways Nigerians can take a Luxury Trip Abroad without Spending a Fortune

4 Ways to Prevent Food from Going to Waste

4 Ways to Spot a Dysfunctional Workplace

4 Ways to Travel Smartly in Nigeria

4 Ways You’re Throwing Money Away

5 Bad Travel Habits You Need to Stop

5 Amazing Tech Gadgets to Spice Up Your Office

5 Annoying Things Anyone that Uses a Nigerian Bank Can Understand

5 Basic Facts You Should Know About the Human Body

5 Baby Websites to Help Expecting Nigerian Mothers

5 Beautiful Things About The Fulanis

5 Benefits of Hiring an SEO I learned During my time with the Expert

5 Benefits of Being An Entrepreneur

5 Surprising Benefits of Playing Chess

5 Best African Restaurants In Yaba

5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making in Work Relationships

5 Best Spots to Get the Tastiest Shawarma in Lagos

5 Causes and Remedies for Back Pain

5 Clear Indications that you are a Social Media Junkie

5 Clever Ways to Avoid ATM Charges

5 Common Money Mistakes People Make

5 Common Retirement Mistakes People Make

5 Common Retirement Mistakes People Make

5 Things to Consider Before a Business Investment

5 Cool Gadgets that will Help You Get More Sleep

5 Costly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

5 Creative Ways to Make Money on Twitter

5 Creative Ways to Save for Your Next Travel

5 Dangerous Things We Do in Danfo Buses

5 Delicious Dishes From Across Africa

5 Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Smartphone

5 Easy Ways to Be a 1st Class Student

5 Effective Ways to Break Phone Addiction

5 Essential Tips for a Newbie Long Distance Traveller

5 Essential Safety Tips for Travellers

5 Everyday Foods that are Healthier when Eaten Raw

5 Examination Preparation Tips for Students

5 Exciting Things to do in the Mother City, Capetown

5 Exciting Ways to Stay Hydrated Besides Water

5 Exciting Ways to Use Snapchat on Your Wedding Day

5 Exotic Places Nigerians can Visit in Ghana

5 Extremely Useful Social Skills To Know

5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Efik People

5 Fascinating Reasons You Should Drink Cucumber Water Everyday

5 Fashion Hacks that May Affect Your Health

5 Foods You Should Never Eat Before You Sleep

5 Foods that Reduce Blood Pressure

5 Food Tips that will Boost Brain Performance

5 Foods Nursing Mothers Should Avoid

5 Foolproof Ways to Escape a Bad Date

5 Great Passive Income Ideas

5 Great Tips for the Innovative Teacher

5 Great Ways Technology Has Influenced Banking

5 Habits that Kill Financially 

5 Hacks for Avoiding Car Problems on a Road Trip

5 Hacks to Deal with Yellow Teeth

5 Hacks for Nigerians who are Addicted to the Internet

5 Health Risks of Caffeine

5 Helpful Business Tricks for Small Businesses

5 Helpful Tips for Juggling Work and Parenting

5 Helpful tips for Nigerians who use Wifi

5 Hilarious Things Nigerians who Loan Friends Money can Relate With

5 Important Baby Toy Safety Tips

5 Interesting Facts About the Sallah Festival (Eid-ul-Kabir)

5 Important things to do Before an International Trip

5 Interesting Benefits of Spending Less Money

5 Interesting Flight Secrets Revealed

5 Interesting Nigerian Marriage Traditions

5 Interesting Reasons Why Suya Is Prepared In the Evening

5 Interesting Reasons Why Talking to Yourself is not a Sign of Craziness

5 Interesting Technology Trends for 2018 Nigerians Should Know About

5 Interesting Things About Benin City

5 Interesting Things You Can Do With A Potato, No. 3 Will Surprise You

5 Interesting Things Your Eating Habit Says About You

5 Interesting Things Most People Don’t Know About South Africa

5 Interesting Things About the Yoruba People

5 Interesting Tips to Save Money on Any Purchase

5 Interesting Ways To Create a Website For Free

5 Interesting Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

5 Interesting Ways To Minimise Smartphone Distraction

5 Interesting Ways Traveling Affects Us

5 Interesting Ways to Use Yoghurt for Your Skin

5 Jobs that will likely be made Redundant by Artificial Intelligence

5 Key Considerations For Purchasing a New Smartphone

5 Key things Investors are Looking for in a Startup

5 Life Saving Facts You Should Know

5 Lifesaving Remedies for Jet lag

5 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Abuja

5 Lucrative Ways to Use Whatsapp For Business

5 Misconceptions about the City of Port Harcourt

5 Mistakes You’re Making While Charging Your Phone

5 Mistakes First-Time Travelers Make

5 Most Anticipated World Cup Round 3 Matches

5 Must-Know Tips to Free up Space on Your Android Device

5 Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time

See 5 Nigerian Big Boys That Were Killed by Power Bike Accidents

5 Nighttime Routines To Avoid Weight Gain

5 Nutritious Foods that Slow Ageing

5 Pedestrians Safety Tips For Crossing Lagos Roads

5 People You Meet at the Airport

5 Reasons Why Android Devices are Still Better than iPhone

5 Reasons Your Bank Loan Application May Be Denied

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a POS Machine

5 Reasons You are Farting Excessively

5 Reasons Lagosians Should Move their Businesses to Apapa

5 Reasons to Move from Lekki to Ajah

5 Reasons We Kiss

5 Reasons We Love Android Devices

5 Reasons Why Nigerians Love Ramadan

5 Reasons Nigerians Love Titles

5 Reasons You Should not Root Your Android Phone

5 Reasons for Overeating

5 Reasons You Should Quit an Abusive Relationship

5 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Accept Online Orders

5 Reasons Risk-Takers are Likely to Succeed

5 Reasons Your Smartphone May Become Unresponsive

5 Reasons Your Smartphone Needs a Screen Protector

5 Reasons to Stop Cleaning Your Ear Wax Out 

5 Reasons to Stop Wearing Headphones Always

5 Reasons Why Taking Selfies Can Be Good for You

5 Reasons You Should Visit Kajuru Castle

5 Reasons You Will Love Touring Calabar

5 Romantic and Affordable Destinations to Explore this Coming Valentine

5 Rules for Changing Money When You Travel Abroad

5 Safety Tips for Driving at Night

5 Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

5 Safety Tips for Traveling Long Distances

5 Safety Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi 

5 Secrets for Avoiding Back Pain

5 Secrets for Getting Your Dubai Visa Approved

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid as a Website Owner

5 Signs You Are At A Bad Suya Spot

5 Signs Your Body is Overstressed

5 Signs of a Childish Adult

5 Signs of a Fake Friend

5 Signs of Low Blood Sugar

5 Signs Your Visa Application Will Be Rejected

5 Simple Rules To Wake Up Early

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Having a Bad Holiday

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Bank Account Secure this Ember Season

5 Small Items in Your Bag that May Likely Save Your Day

5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Cook Better and Eat Healthier

5 Smart Tips To Simplify Your Life

5 Smart Ways To Reduce Smartphone Expenses

5 Smart Ways to Stop Thieves From Using Your Mobile Phone

5 Smart Ways To Track Your Expenses

5 Social Media Mistakes Most Likely to Cost You a Job

5 Solid Tips To Grow Your Startup That Will Outlive You

5 Spots in Lagos that Appeal to Music Lovers

5 Sure Ways to Transform Your Business Idea Reality

5 Surprisingly Clever Air Travel Tips

5 Sure Ways To Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel

5 Spots You Must Experience In Abeokuta

5 Surprising Risks of Beans

5 Surprising Foods that Help You Sleep Better

5 Surprising Signs of Intelligence

5 Surprising Tips to Enjoy Traveling Alone

5 Surprising Tips For Staying Fit

5 Surprising Tricks For Spending Less

5 Survival Tips For Long Flights

5 Tech Accessories Young Travellers Should Have

5 Technologies Will Define Our Lives in the Future

5 Telltale Signs You are a Foodie

5 Terrible Mistakes Business Travelers Can Make When Flying

5 Things Car Dealers in Nigeria don’t Want Car Buyers to Know

5 Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Business

5 Things You Do That Endanger Your Health

5 Things Every Nigerian Girl Traveling Alone Should Do

5 Things Flying on a Plane Does To Your Body

5 Things to Do Before Hiring a Nanny in Lagos

5 Things to Do Before House Hunting

5 Things to Know Before Selecting a Web Hosting Provider

7 Things To Know About Boss Mustapha, the New SGF

5 Things You Should Know About the Tech Industry

5 Things to Love About Africa

5 Things We Love About iPhones 

5 Things You Should Never Do if You have a Dry Skin

5 Things You Should Never Do if You have a Dry Skin

5 Things You Should Never Post About Your Relationship on Social Media

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Child

5 Things Nigerians Need to Know Before Putting their Money in Bitcoin

5 Things not to do to a Lagos Taxi Driver

5 Things You Should Not Wear When You Travel

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Imo

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Obudu

5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget Before Traveling

5 Things You Shouldn’t Wear on an Airplane

5 Thought-Provoking Facts About Africa

5 Times Argentina Beat Nigeria at the World Cup

5 Tips To Avoid Payment of Flight Rescheduling Fees

5 Tips for Blending Into a New Culture When You Relocate

5 Tips to Childproof Your Smartphone

5 Tips For Choosing A Catchy Hashtag(#) For Your Social Media Campaign

5 Tips For Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

5 Tips to Get You Ready to Travel Abroad

5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Surviving a Plane Crash 

5 Tips For Making Business Videos that will Go Viral 

5 Tips for Splitting Bills with your Roommate

5 Tools to Help You Track Your Website’s Traffic

5 Travel Hacks For Lazy People 

5 Travel Tips For an NYSC Newbie 

5 Tricks to Get Cheap Flights in Nigeria During Recession

5 Tricks to Get More Turnover this Festive Period

5 Types of Crowd You Will Find in Lagos

5 Types of Nigerians Who Own an iPhone7

5 Types of People you are Likely to Meet at a Lagos Gym

5 Unhealthy Meats You Should Avoid

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Dealing With A Typical Nigerian

5 Unnecessary things that Lagos Girls Include in their Packing List   

5 Unpacking Tricks That Will Keep Your Hotel Room Organised

5 Unusual Things About Lagos

5 Unwritten Cultural Rules of The Yorubas

5 Useful Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs

5 Useful Tips to Overcome Binge Eating

5 Useful Tips For Working With Family and Friends 

5 Warning Signs Your Business is About to Fail

5 Useful Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

5 Warning Signs Stress Is About To Make You Sick

5 Ways to Avoid Counterfeit Car Parts

5 Ways to Avoid Food Poisoning During the Holidays

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Overcharged By Mechanics

5 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Control Your Spending this New Year

5 Ways to Deal With Social Media Backlash

5 Ways Business Mums Can Travel With Ease

5 Ways To Deal With Uninvited Guests At Your Party

5 Ways to Detect Quality Ankara

5 Ways Digitization Can Add Value to Your Company

5 Ways to Eat What You Want and Still Be Healthy

5 Ways to Ensure Your Smartphone Always Functions Like Brand New

5 Ways Equipment Financing Can Add Value to Your Company

5 Ways to Find Affordable Food Anywhere You Travel

5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

5 Ways To Improve Your Search Rankings Via Social Media

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel for Christmas

5 Ways to Know Your Car More than Your Mechanic

5 Ways You Let Social Media Weaken Your Self-Esteem

5 Ways to Make Your Budget Hotel More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Holiday Travel Less Stressful 

5 Ways Nigerians are Abusing Social Media

5 Ways Nigerians Eat Rice

5 Ways Nigerian Vloggers can get more Subscribers on YouTube

5 Ways Being Outdoors Improves Your Health

5 Ways to Prevent Constipation While Travelling

5 Ways to Save Money on Internet Expenses

5 Ways To Save Your Phone When It Falls in Water

5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Trip to Uyo

5 Ways to Start A Business While Working A Full-Time Job

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Ramadan

5 Ways to Stop Taking Things Personally

5 Ways Your Tech Gadgets May Be Affecting Your Health

5 Ways To Tell If Your Smartphone Is Being Tapped

5 ways to cure a cracked lips

5 Ways To Get Rid of Dark Lips

5 Ways to Know if you Are Dehydrated

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Falling Asleep

5 Ways Women Can Visit Yaba Market without Being Harassed

5 Weird Things Christmas Does To Lagos

6 African Music Legends You Should Know

6 Alarming Signs You Are Definitely Not Fit

6 Best Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills

6 Best Ways to Build Wealth

6 Children Rescued From Human Traffickers’ Den, 7 Missing

6 Common Deep Frying Mistakes to Avoid

6 Cool Apps to Boost Your Instagram Experience

6 Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Startup Online

6 Everyday Habits that are Risky to Your Health

6 Exciting Activities to Spice Up Your African Travel Experience

6 Fascinating Events to Attend this Easter Holidays In Lagos

6 Foods You Should Avoid As A First-time Flyer

6 Foods You Should Not Eat For Breakfast

6 Funny Things Only Girls Who Hate Rocking Jeans Can Understand 

6 Gadgets Your Smartphone Has Made Irrelevant

6 Great Tips for Working on a Plane

6 Guaranteed Ways To Deal With Snoring

6 Guaranteed Ways to Deal With Sore Throat

6 Hacks For Planning A Hitch-free Group Adventure

6 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

6 Helpful Points to Quit Junk Food 

6 Hotel Hacks Every Parent Should Know

6 Important Facts about Ogun State You Probably Didn’t Know

6 Important Mindsets You Need to Succeed

6 Indicators You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol


6 Life-saving Tips for Running a Generator at Home

6 Must Know Beach Safety Tips

6 Must Know Travel Etiquettes

6 Myths About Hangovers Dispelled

6 Myths About Healthy Eating You Shouldn’t Believe

6 Proven Tips to Arrange Your Financial Life

6 Problematic Lessons Nollywood Teaches Girls About Femininity

6 Places You Should Never Toast a Nigerian Girl

6 Proven Underwear Tips for Women

6 Quick Things to do If Your ATM Card is Stolen

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Chatbots

6 Reasons Why We Love Humble People

6 Reasons We Love Kaduna

6 Reasons Nigerians Should Buy Android Phones

6 Reasons You Should Not Drive Your Car On Empty Tank

6 Reasons not to Use Your Phone in Bed at Night

6 Reasons Why People Love Apple Products 

6 Reasons You Should Replace Sugar With Honey

6 Rules to Keep Your Password Safe

6 Rules To Record Smartphone Videos Like A Pro

6 Sacrifices You Must Make to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

6 Side Effects of Eating too Much Salt

6 Signs You Are Addicted To Junk Food

6 Signs of a Bad Phone Battery 

6 Signs Your Child is a Tech Addict

6 Signs of Emotional Manipulation

6 Signs You May Miss Your Flight

6 Signs You Should Not Eat at a Restaurant

6 Signs Your PC is About to Crash

6 Signs that Show You Have Emotional Intelligence

6 Simple Reasons Banks Won’t Grant Your Business Loan Request

6 Simple Practices to Protect Yourself from Meningitis

6 Simple Tips for Beating Deadlines

6 Smart Hacks for Shopping Like a Local to Get The Best Bargain

6 Smart Ways to Position Your Business for the Holiday Season

6 Smart Ways to Study Effectively

6 Struggles of Owning a Tiny Lagos Apartment

6 Surefire Ways to Deal with a Jealous Friend/Partner 

6 Surprising Things Your Eyes Reveals about Your Health 

6 Terrible Cooking Practices You Need to Stop

6 Things to Do When You Can’t Get a Job

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

6 Things You Have Forgotten How to Do Because of Your Phone     

6 Things You Should Know About Your Cholesterol Level


6 Things You Do that Puts Your Computer at Risk

6 Things to Do Before Starting a Business

6 Things Startups Must Know Before Developing A Mobile App

6 Things You’ll Learn After Driving an Audi for a Week

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Business Partner

6 Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

6 Tips to Earn Some More Money on the Side

6 Tips To Help Women Spend Less on Cosmetics

6 Tips for Making Safe Mobile Transactions  

6 Tips to Quickly Launch Your Own Business

6 Tips for Saving Money this Christmas

6 Tips For Taking Screenshots in Windows 10

6 Travel Expenses You Should Not Forget To Budget For

6 Tricks for Getting Things Done Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

6 Tricks for Using Instagram Stories Like a Pro

6 Truths About How to Lose Belly Fat

6 Ultimate Ways to Calm Down When You are Overwhelmed

6 Unwritten Rules of Airplane Travel 

6 Useful Things to Do When You’ve Broken Your Phone

6 Valid Tips to Secure Your Social Media Account

6 Valuable Tips to Succeed at Networking

6 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

6 Ways To Be a Better Listener

6 Ways To Clean Your Dirty Gadgets Without Causing Any Damage  

6 Ways to Deal With Frustration

6 Ways to Deal with Insecurities

6 Ways to Know It’s Time to Relocate Your Home

6 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

6 Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

6 Ways to Make Microsd Cards Compatible with Android Phones     

6 Ways to Prevent Hard Drives from Being Corrupted

6 Ways to Respond to Anger

6 Ways To Save Data When Using Mobile Hotspot

6 Ways to Save Money On Car Expenses

6 Ways to Spot a Fake eCommerce Website

6 Ways To Survive a Party If You Don’t Know Anyone

6 Ways Technology Has Actually Made You Lazy

6 Ways You are Unintentionally Destroying Your Smartphone


7 Benefits of Speaking Nigeria’s Three Major Languages

7 Best Tips to Eat Healthy While Traveling

7 Bootstrapping Tricks for First-time Entrepreneurs

7 Common African Myths Debunked

The 7 Deadly Sins a Nigerian President Should Avoid

7 Easy-to-Remember Ways to Deal with Difficult People

7 Foods You Think are Healthy But Actually Aren’t 

7 Foods That Will Boost Your Digestive Health

7 funny signs you are in a Nigerian hospital

7 Gadget-saving Rules For Repairing Your Faulty Device at Computer Village

7 Gigawatts and the Nigerian People: Are we there yet?

7 Habits That Will Increase The Longevity of Your Smartphone’s Battery

7 Hacks for throwing a Surprise Party

7 Health Risks Linked to Obesity

7 Healthy Ways to Fry Foods

7 Healthy Ways to Handle Being Offended

7 Tips for Handling Heartburn During Pregnancy

7 Helpful Tips for Living on Your Own for the First Time

7 Notable Neighboring but ‘Enemy’ Countries

7 Notable Parent and Child Presidents /Leaders

7 Obvious Signs You are not Ready for your Travel

7 Most Prominent Public Secondary Schools in Nigeria and Some Great Nigerians that Passed Through Them

7 Reasons You Should Expose Your Kids to Modern Day Technology

7 Reasons You Should Invest in Real Estate

7 Reasons You Should Stop Chewing Gum

7 Reasons Your Website Should Have an Online Booking Feature

7 Relaxation Techniques to Help Ease Tension

7 Rules of Handling Difficult Students 

7 Signs You are Consuming Too Much Sugar

7 Signs of Narcissism You Should Be Able to Identify

7 Signs Your Social Media Account Has Been Hacked

7 Signs You are Undereating

7 Small Things You Should Do to Be Successful

7 Smart Ways To Check If An Image Is Real or Photoshopped

7 Smart Ways To Spice Up Your Long Trip

7 Solid Truths About Eating Ponmo (Cow Hide)

7 Stress-free Ways You can Get through the Airport

7 Surefire Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life

7 Sure Ways to Get Kicked off an Airplane 

7 Sure Ways to Remain Broke Even If You Earn a Decent Income  

7 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

7 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With Eggs

7 Telltale Signs Your Smartphone Has a Virus

7 Things to Do in Abuja if you are in a Rut 

7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do to Stay Motivated

7 Things that Shorten the Lifespan of Your PC

7 Things You Should Ignore to Achieve Your Dreams

7 Things You Should Do Every Day Before You Start Your Car

7 Things You Need to Do in 2017 to Be a Brand New You!

7 Things You Should Never Do this Upcoming Eid

7 Things Nigerian Students Can Do While ASUU is On Strike

7 Things People With Long Hair Will Understand

7 Things to do when there’s a Sudden Explosion

7 Tips to Check Social Media Envy

7 Tips to Help First-time Parents Prepare Financially for a Newborn

7 Simple Tips to Become a Smartphone Typing Guru

7 Tips for Travelling to a Country Where You Do Not Speak the Language 

7 Types of Lies People Tell

7 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Burn Calories 

7 Warning Side effects of Sitting All Day

7 Ways to Avoid Travel Rip-Offs in Warri 

7 Ways To Cool Off a Hot Smartphone

7 Ways To Deal With a Competitive Friend

7 Ways to Deal with Flight Cancellations and Delays

7 Ways to Deal With a Hot Car 

7 Ways to Fund Your Startup Idea as a Nigerian

7 Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

7 Ways to Maintain Weight Loss

7 Ways to Make Long Drives More Comfortable

7 Ways To Prevent Cultural Mistakes While On Vacation

7 Ways Social Media has Changed Customer Service

7 Ways to Make Your Airport Experience Less Stressful

8 Common Habits that Damage Your Eyesight

8 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Bananas

8 Guaranteed Tips to Minimise Radiation When You Use Your Mobile Phone

8 Guides for a Successful Visa Interview

8 Habits that Harm Your Brain

8 Simple Ways to Discover Your Talent

8 Ways to Deal with Sweaty Armpits

8 Ways to Deal With Lies

8 Skin Clearing Remedies You Should Know

8 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

8 Ways to Learn to Accept Change

9 Clothing Hacks Recommended for You to Rock Like a Boss

9 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rice 

9 Mistakes Car Buyers In Nigeria Usually Make

9 Things to Know About Crowdfunding

9 Signs You Are Drinking Too Little Water

9 Must Know Tips to Help You Fly Like a Pro for the First Time

10 Helpful Ways to Stop Bad Breath

10 Life Lessons From The Quarter Finals of 2018 UEFA Champions League

Top 10 Questions for Loom Circle Subscribers to Answer

10 Signs Your Teenage Child or Sibling is Being Bullied

Top 10 Takeaways from Croatia’s 3-0 Destruction of Argentina


10 Things You Should Know About African Armyworms Invading Nigeria

10 Things You Need to Know About Arsenal’s New Star Eddie Nketiah

10 Things You Need to Know About the Highly Infectious Monkeypox

10 Things to Note Before You Protest With 2Face (2Baba) Idibia

10 Ways to Say ‘Hello’ to a Nigerian

11 Car Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

12 Innoson Vehicles And Their Prices

12 kinds of people you must never marry

14 Mistakes You Should not Make with Money

15 Habits of ‘Lucky’ People

18 Months Of Emergency Rule: What gains, what pains?

20 Quotes to Help Inspire Your Marriage 

25 years of children’s rights

#30percentornothing is for the foolish

Aaron Ramsey Steals Shine off Ronaldo’s Wonder goal

Read MKO Abiola’s Daughter’s Reaction to June 12 Declaration as Democracy Day 

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Achaleke Christian Leke Voted 2016 Most Influential Young Cameroonian

Achieving Sustainable Peace and Security in Africa

A Critical Look at the 3 Important Steps to Get Nigeria Out of Recession

Nigerian Elections: See Popular Actress Ibinabo Fibresima’s Campaign Poster

adadevoh and the ebola crisis

Adadevoh was just doing her job

Adamawa: PDP must win, APC must not lose

Adamawa’s abracadabra and-ekiti’s rascality

A day in the President’s life

Read the Full Address of President Buhari at the 58th Annual General Conference of the NBA

Addressing e-payment Challenges in Nigeria

Adebola Williams: A Greatness Forged in Hopelessness and Despair  

Adetunwase Adenle: The Nigerian with 4 Guinness World Records

Adewura’s death: What is the Value of the Nigerian Life?

ADSEMA Commends Red Star for Relief Materials to IDPs

AFCON 2017: The Contenders, The Pretenders

Africa is open for business, ready for investment

Africa Must Speedily Establish A Single Market to Create More Jobs and Reduce Poverty, Says President Buhari

How Africans are Underdeveloping Africa

5 African Women You should Know

Agitation for Dangote Refinery in Niger Delta: Taking Ignorance to Another Level

A governmentof moon men

See the Agricultural Products China Leads the World in Producing

Agriculture in Africa Needs its Stars

4 Ways to Get Ahead of the New Year

A history of Femi Fani-Kayode and Akin Osuntokun families

Ahmed Musa Celebrates his Wife on their First Marriage Anniversary

Ahmed Musa Breaks World Cup record, Overtakes Okocha, Aghahowa, Amokachi on Nigeria’s All Time List

Airfrance KLM Partners with Jumia Nigeria to offer Value Proposition for its Customers

Akpabio’s “Uncommon Transformation” and the suffering of primary school teachers in Akwa Ibom

AKSG, NDDC Pledge to Partner AKISAN

Akunyili: A public servant extraodinaire

The Albatross of Africa’s Anti-corruption Crusades

Alexis7: Jose Mourinho and Alexis Sanchez Speak on his move to Manchester United

Alex Iwobi takes Super Eagles to Russia 2018

A look at the expensive lifestyle of footballers

Amaju Pinnick Appointed CAF 1st Vice President

Amaju Pinnick Gives Explanation for Shehu Abdullahi Scandal Against Algeria

Amazing Beaches To Checkout In Lekki

6 Amazing Benefits of Mangoes

Amazing! The Disease Many Nigerians would Love to Have

Learn the Amazing Features of the New Android 9 Pie

See the Amazing Pictures of H.W. Bush- 41st President of the United States

Amazing! See this Shoe that ‘Grows’ so that Children of Poor Parents Don’t Outgrow Them

Amazing: See How Truck Destroys Cycling Race’s Finish Line

Amazing! See Video of How Villagers in Thailand Rescued Elephant Trapped in the River 

The Amazing Story of How the Boss Became the Employee

Amazing Ways Technology Has Changed The Way You Travel

Ambode to Buhari: Lagos Truly Deserves a Special Status

Governor Ambode has been Unreachable to Collect his APC Membership Card – APC Chairman

America’s Mad Obsession with Guns

America’s NPower adds 3 New Members to its Board

A message for those that hate

Ameyo Adadevoh: That we may truly remember her

Aminu Tambuwal is a traitor 

A Muslima’s Take on Falz’s “This is Nigeria” Video 

Analysis on Europa League Semifinal Draw

Countdown to Russia 2018: Analysis of Group A

Analysis of UEFA Champions League 2017 Quarterfinals

Analysis of UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Matches

Analysis on UEFA Champions League Semifinal Draw

Analyzing the Northern Opposition to Restructuring

Android Apps For Blocking Unwanted Spam Calls

And they say Jonathan is clueless

A Nigerian only worth N11,000?

Anniversary: Jumia Nigeria marks six years of creating sustainable impact

5 Seriously Annoying Things Nigerians Do After An Accident

Annoying Things Nigerians Do When they Visit New Countries

5 Annoying Things People do with their Phone in Danfo Buses

Freedom of Devotion for All at The 1st Annual Christian Witches Convention

An Answer to the Question: Who Is God?

Anthony Joshua Defeats Carlos Takam in Controversial Fight 

Anthony Joshua Defeats Joseph Parker to Gain WBO Title

Anthony Joshua Defeats Wladimir Klitschko in Epic Fight

Why Anthony Joshua is Favourite to Beat Wladimir Klitschk

Anti-BBN Activist Suspends Campaign 

APC ‘Commiserates’ with PDP after Podium Collapse

APC Political Reign: The Nigerian Tale of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black

APC: Tale of a flag looking for its bearer

Apology is not Enough, Cough out What You Stole – Presidency Tells PDP

The Appalling State of Nigerian Airports

4 Must Know Appearance Pitfalls that Turns People Off

Apple Features Photo App Millions of iOS Users Have Been Waiting For

Apple Features Photo App Millions of iOS Users Have Been Waiting For

A Professor’s lies with statistics

Are we entertainers socially irresponsible?

Are Lekki Landlords scaring investors out of Lagos?

Are we really cut out for democracy?

Are we Really one Country?

Are your lower eyes aging you?

See the 23-Man List of Players for Argentina in Russia 2018

Argentina with Messi on Verge of Missing Russia 2018

Arise O Compatriots: Let’s Dissect the ‘Nigerian Factor’

Arsenal brings the Emirates FA Cup to Dubai

Arsenal vs. Manchester United: How Are the Mighty Fallen!

Arsenal Officially Announce Unai Emery as New Manager, Watch his First Press Conference

Why Arsenal will not Sack Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger to Reshmin Chowdhury: “You’re Ill on the Inside”

Arthur Eze’s courage and Gov. Orji’s deception

Art With Impact #myMHmatters Campaign Promotes Mental Wellness Through Film

Why Should Artistes Leave Church for Stardom?

The Art and Science of Chess

The Art of Showing Off: How Celebrities with Low Self-Image Ridicule Themselves Online

Watch Arturo Vidal’s Reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Winning Penalty against Juventus

Asian giant Xiaomi launches with a bang on

Why You Should Ask ‘Stupid’ Questions 

As madness takes over the world

The Aso Rock Charade: Wither the Succour? 

A step towards victory

A Tale of an Akwa Ibom Boy’s Journey from NYSC’s Potiskum Camp to Lagos

Top 10 Questions for Atiku to Answer Before the 2019 Presidential Election

Atiku, the Choice Facing PDP Delegates ahead of 2019

Atiku Failed Us: The Stories Behind the Scenes

Is Atiku Heading for Another Failed Run at the Presidency in 2019? 

Atiku Supporters Call for the Release of Premium Times Journalist, Samuel Ogundipe

A tribute to Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh

How to Attract Customers With Your Mobile App

A virus called Ebola and the secret club from hell

A virus called Ebola and the secret club from hell (2)

How to Avoid Becoming an Unsuccessful Entrepreneur

How to Avoid Pulled Muscle While Exercising

Awesome African Foodie Destinations

See Awesome Preparations Russia is Making Ahead of World Cup

A Woman who Enjoys only Rape…

Watch 2 Videos of Badoo’s Evil Shrine in Ikorodu

Baking Tips Every Woman Should Know

Banky W and Adesua: How not to Start Marriage

See how Barcelona Congratulated Real Madrid on 13th UEFA Champions League Win  

Barcelona is Ill with the Exit of its ‘Doctor’ 

Barcelona Sign Ousmane Dembélé for €105 million plus Add-ons 

Barring Doctors from Private Medical Practice – Getting the Facts Right

How the BBC helped to get Codeine Banned in Nigeria

BBC Presenter, Mishal Husain  Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

Six Most Beautiful African Cities For Your Travel Bucket-List

Beautiful throwback Pictures of Late Barbara Bush

Beauty Essentials that Bring Out the Goddess in You

Beauty Hacks For Long-haul Flight

How to Become the Most Influential Person in Your City

Become a Leader in Business and Public Service with NIRMALA Chellarams League

How to Become Practically Indispensable as a Teacher

Simple Tips to Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

Before all our children become musicians 

Before Maiduguri falls

before tribalism destroys Akwa Ibom 

See the 23-Man List of Players for Belgium in Russia 2018

Why You Should Believe in Yourself and Take Action to Achieve Your Dreams

The Benefits Of Indoor Biking For Health And Fitness

Amazing Benefits of Wearing Deodorants

Best Cinemas to Visit this Weekend

Best Editing Video Software For Your PC

Best Foods From North Africa

Best Friends Forever: Buhari and Obasanjo Exchange Pleasantries at AU Summit 

Best Guide to Use A Coffee Maker

Best Places in the World to Travel to

The Best Way to Run a Country is to Run it Like a Company—Tope Fasua

Best Ways to Recycle Tyvek Envelopes 

Best and Worst: See Nigeria’s Likely Group Opponents in Russia 2018

Between Americas hate and God’s love for Nigeria

BFF: Head of Service, Oyo-Ita and Chief of Staff Kyari all Smiles at Today’s FEC

Big Brother Naija: An Example of the Moral Decadence in Our Society

What is the Big Deal About the Black Panther?

Is this the biggest chicken you have ever seen?

See the Gifts ‘Birthday Boy’ President Muhammadu Buhari has Received Today as He Turns 76

Bitcoin and Top New CryptoSuper500 List

Black Friday and the Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Black Friday: Jumia Food Shuts Down Music Concert with Eating Competition

Black Panther and Wakanda: The ‘Mumufication and Mugulization’ of Africans Continues 

Bless Someone this Yuletide – Bolanle Ambode Charges Lagosians

Blockchain Startup ETHMS is Implementing Ethereum Technology to Bring Cross-Border Services Into the Digital Age

Blood Donations Needed in Offa after Deadly Bank Robbery

Boko Haram is winning propaganda war 

Boko Haram and Davis’ explosive allegations: what is your gut telling you? 

Nigeria’s war against Boko Haram: Between the propaganda and the propagandists

Boko Haram: Time for decisive action 

Bolanle Ambode Tasks FIDA on Violence Against Women

Boost Your Productivity with These 10 Hacks and New Tools

Borno State PDP Leaders Condemn Destruction of Campaign Billboards and posters, Blame Governor Shettima

Borussia Dortmund’s Bus Hit by 3 Explosions as Monaco Game is Postponed 

The Breakdown of the Ongoing Crisis in Zimbabwe

Breaking: Deji Tinubu is Dead

Breaking DSTV’s Monopoly on PayTv in Nigeria

Pandemonium in National Assembly as Mace is Stolen from Senate

Breaking: Zainab Nyako Reportedly Dead

Brila FM Releases Press Statement on Sean Amadi and Murphy Ijemba

#BringBackOurGirls: That Ezekwesili’s attack on journalists 

Broken Heart Syndrome and Valentine’s Day 

How to Browse for Free in Nigeria and it is all Legit

Budget-friendly African Destinations To Visit 

Buffon Cries as Italy Fails to Qualify for World Cup and his Career with the Azzurri Ends 

Buhari at 75: Why God Kept Him Alive

Read President Buhari’s 2018 Children’s Day Message to Nigerians

Analysis of Buhari’s 2015 Media Handlers and Atiku’s 2019 Media Handlers

Buhari Calls Aregbesola Over Passing Away of his Mother, Saratu Aregbesola

Buhari Calls for Constitutional Resolution of Zimbabwe Impasse

Buhari Celebrates Osinbajo at 60

The best thing is for me to keep quiet about Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment- Buhari

Why Buhari is Likely to Win in 2019

President Buhari is Going Back to London to see his Doctor for 4 Days

See the Major Changes that the “Not Too Young to Run” Act will Bring to Nigerian Politics

On Buhari,  Protesters and the Promoters of Corruption

Read President Buhari’s Reaction to INEC’s Postponement of Today’s Presidential Election

President Buhari to Return Today 

Is President Buhari Right About the Nigerian Media?

Buhari Sacks Babachir Lawal, Oke, Appoints New SGF

Read What President Buhari Said as He Signed the 2018 Budget into Law

Buhari, Saraki, Others Commiserate with Tinubu over Death of Son

Buhari set up the Kaduna assassination attempt

Is it Buhari’s fault that there are no jobs for you?

President Buhari Slams Elite for Allowing Nigeria Get ‘Mismanaged for 16 Years’ 

President Buhari All Smiles as He Commissions Abuja Light Rail

President Buhari, WAEC and PDP’s Toxic Air

Buhari warns against Hasty Adoption of ECOWAS Single Currency 

Buhari, when will Nigerian-youth lead?

Burj Khalifa Celebrates Super Eagles Victory

“Businesses Must Engage Customers on Social Media to Gain More Traction”- Jumia MD

But is President Jonathan really that rich

See the Town where you can Buy a Basket of Tomatoes for N50 Only

BYE-BYE Stephen Keshi

Cake Lands $5 Million to Launch First Swipeable Mobile Browser 

How You Can Get HIV/AIDS from Sex Dolls 

Can Jonathan ever be right in-the-eyes of the opposition? 

How You Can Make the Most Out Of Online Education

Can Nigeria stop open defecation?

You Cannot Pay us with Baxibox at the Moment —IKEDC Warns Customers

No Region in Nigeria can win Election on its Own- Why not Cooperate?

Canon showcases cutting edge technology for the broadcast and cinema industry at CABSAT 2018

Career Goals for 2019: Things You Must Not Miss out when Setting your Career Goals

Can You Really Protect a $1,000 iPhone With a $20 Case? 

Cashless Society: Is Nigeria Winning?

Catalan Parliament Declares Independence from Spain

Cattle Ranching Has Tax Exemption in Nigeria

Celebrating KWASU’s Unmatched Precocity

This CEO Coach Was Crazy Enough to Ride an Elephant into His Annual Meeting–And It Worked!

The Challenge of Striking a Balance Between Tradition and ‘Modernity’

Change History! Join Bovi Ugboma, Olakunle Soriyan, Toyin Abraham, Dayo Adeneye & more at Success Stories Africa 2017

How Chatbot Technology Can Grow Your Business

Check out Team Nigeria’s Outfit to the Gold Coast Games in Australia

Cheick Tiote’s Last WhatsApp Chat with Friend Revealed after Tragic Death

Chelsea Vs Spurs: The Mark of Champions … and Potential Champions

Chibok Girls Abduction: A Three-Year Wound that Has Refused to Heal 

Chibok girls, terror and the challenge of democratization in Nigeria

Child Sexual Abuse and Psychological Wellbeing in Adulthood

Choosing to make a difference

Christmas Aftermath: The Story of my Pregnancy 

Christmas shopping is so exhausting! Here’s what you should do instead.

When Churches’ Become Fetish Ritual Dens

Civil Society Group Asks Federal Government to Stop Politicizing Dapchi Girls Abduction

6 Ways To Clean Your Dirty Gadgets Without Causing Any Damage

5 Things That Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tongue Daily

A Clear Explanation on How Failure is Vital to Success

Clip Grip Found a Fun Way to Hold Drinks & Alleviate Arthritic Pain

Clueless in paradise

Is Coffee Bad for Teeth? Sacramento Dentistry Group Answers

“Collaboration among stakeholders will grow Nigeria’s tourism sector”- Experts

See the 23-Man List of Players for Colombia in Russia 2018

How To Combat  Spiritual Attacks

Commentary on the State of the Nation –Nigeria

Why “Common Sense” Senator, Ben Bruce wants Foreigners to Apply for Visa on Arrival at Lagos Airport

Computer Accessories To Make Life Easy

A Concerned Parent’s Guide – How to Spy on Your Babysitter?

How to Conduct a Nigerian Meeting

Confusion in Senate as it Resumes Sitting while Looking for Stolen Mace

Connect Nigeria SME-eBusiness Fair 2018: The Countdown Has Begun

5 Things to Consider While Buying Medical Equipment for Home

Controversy: Message to TSTV Subscribers on Bein Sport Claims they are Watching it Illegally

Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster Gets Interviewed by BBC’s Rico Hizon

How To Cope With The Closure of Abuja Airport 

Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

How Corpers Can Maximize the Benefits of NYSC with Self-Investment

How Corporate Organisations Can Leverage eCommerce To Save Cost  

Corruption and Terrorism in Nigeria: The way forward

The Impact of Corruption and Huge Public Expenditure on Nigeria’s Quest for Progress

5 Costly Mistakes People Make with Business Investments

See the Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Billionaires

Read the Story of Couple Discovered 2,800 Years after they Died Kissing

CPPM wants Nigerian Legislators Subjected to Mental Health Check

Top 15 Questions People ask about Cockroaches and their Answers 

Creative Marketing: A Case Study of Bigi Soft Drinks 

See the 23-Man List of Players for Croatia in Russia 2018

Is Cross-Dressing the New fashion Craze in Nigeria?

The Crusade for the Restructuring of Nigeria

Culinary Tourism: Foods Nigerians can Use to Attract Tourists

Dambazau, Ogbeh, 6 Northern Governors Meet: Plan Herdsmen Colonies, Deployment of Security Forces 

Dan ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki Voted 2016 Most Influential Young Kenyan

The Dangers of Startups Growing Too Big, Too Fast

Dangote Cement Country Manager, Deep Kamara and 2 Others Killed in Ethiopia

Why Dangote Closed his Tomato Factory and Lessons you can Learn from It

Aroms was Right, Dangote Goofed on his Closed Tomato Factory

DAPPMA: We Supply You Products Despite Your N26.7billion Debt, Says NNPC

See the Date, Time and Full List of Matches for Wrestlemania 35

Date,Times and Venues for Nigeria’s Group Games at World Cup, Russia 2018

Davido Cancels Zimbabwe Show after Tagbo Controversy

Davido vs Paddy Adenuga: Who is the Science Student?

On that Day of Horror in Offa

The Day Ladoke Akintola Was Killed

See Video of Dbanj Walking with Son Beside Swimming Pool that Got People Upset

Dbanj Seeks God’s Comfort as Son Dies in Sad Swimming Pool Incident

Dear God, Buhari must not die

Dear Jos, we still remember

Death, Destruction and Hopelessness as Dividends of Democracy

Death of UNIBEN Student at UBTH Sparks Students Protest

December Travel: Deciding a Destination for the Yuletide

Deconstructing the weaker sex stereotype

5 Ways to  Defeat Procrastination

A Degree is Not for Menial Jobs

Delicious Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Grill

Deliver us from intellectual terrorists

Why the demand to look young in Silicon Valley is becoming more crucial than Hollywood

Democratising Travel to Promote Inbound Tourism

Deontay Wilder Sends Message to Anthony Joshua with Brutal One Round Knockout

Deontay Wilder Stops Ortiz in the 10th, Ready for Joshua or Parker Unification Bout

Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz: Who Will Win?

Desperate Galatasaray Fans Beg Ahmed Musa to Join their Club

Despite All Odds, Ecommerce in Nigeria Is Here To Stay

Dettol Nigeria Advocates for Proper Hygiene during Breastfeeding

Developing Smart Cities to Boost Tourism Experience in Nigeria

DHL Bring Art Back-to-school

Diana’s Great Fight

Digital Banking Holds the Key to Financial Inclusion In Nigeria —-Segun Agbaje

Digital Farming Can Tackle Nigeria’s Food Shortage

Digitization and the Effects of Customer Relations

Dimgba Igwe isn’t dead, not yet

Dimgba Igwe: Pray for me

I have just been arrested at the international wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport- Senator Dino Melaye

DJ Spinall is the Cover Star for Simple Magazine

Discovered: How Lagos Air Quality is ‘Very Unhealthy’

Doctors Perform Brain Surgery on Wrong Patient in Kenya

Doctors Declare State of Emergency at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)

Who Do Doctors Go To for Treatment When they Fall Ill?

Doctors Invade UBTH Accounts Department to Enforce their Salary Payment

Doctors at UBTH Prepare for Total Strike as Ultimatum Expires Today


Why Donald Trump May Be Impeached

Donald Trump Prays for South Carolina Train Collision Victims

Donald Trump set to Tackle Nigeria and other OPEC Countries

What Donald Trump Spoke to Buhari About

Don’t Judge a Gionee A1 Only By Its Amazing Selfies; Its Brains and Battery Power Will Also Shock You

DOOGEE BL12000 Smartphone Debuts with World’s Largest Battery

Nigerian Election 2019: Dr. Damages Shades Omoyele Sowore over Orange Seller Stunt 

Dr.Fone Android Root Now Supports ‘Root Samsung S6/S7/J3/J5/J7’ Without Losing Warranty

Dr. Marie Mbouni: The Female Cameroonian Medical Doctor that ‘Talks to Spirits’

Dr Muritala O. Awodun: The Man Transforming Tax Collection in Kwara State

Earning Extra Income Through The Gig Economy

Incredible! ‘Earthquake’ Happened in Mexico when National Team Scored Against Germany

Easter celebration, how to keep your finances in check

Easy Remedies that Can Prevent Snoring from Destroying your Relationship

Easy Tips and Tricks to Clean a Fabric 3-seater Sofa to Make it More Durable

Would You Eat Green or Blue Chicken Eggs?

Ebola and a country that never prepares for anything

Ebola and intellectual laziness by Africans

Ebola and Nigeria’s response

Ebola, an epidemicor a symptom?

Ebola? Close the borders…now!

Ebola: How many ministers are active?

Ebola in a season of uncertainty

Ebola: My greatest fear

Ebola: US sponsored bioterror?

Economic Recession and Low Hanging Fruits

Educational Games Guide for Concerned Parents

Education system at the brink of collapse

Edusko Launches “Family and School Matters” Animated Series in Nigeria

Why the EFCC Must Quickly Identify Who Owns the N15 Billion and other Related Legal Issues

EFCC should probe Enugu House of Assembly 

The Effect of ASUU Strike on Nigerian Students and 2019 General Election

How to Effectively Overcome Social Anxiety (Shyness)

Effective Tips on Saving Cooking Gas

Effective Ways To Moisturise a Dry Skin

See the 23-Man List of Players for Egypt in Russia 2018

8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Perfectionist

Ekiti Decides: See the Breakdown of Votes for the 2 Leading Candidates from APC and PDP

E-learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

See why Electricity is cut when there is a Rainstorm in Nigeria

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Wins $5 million Mo Ibrahim Prize for African Leadership

How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk

Emerging Technology Highlights from the IDTechEx Show!

Embrace ICT or Become Ineffective as a Leader

New Cardiff City Signing, Emiliano Sala Feared Dead in Plane Crash

Emmerson Mnangagwa Wins Zimbabwe’s Disputed Presidential Election

Emzor: ‘Sweet Sweet Codeine’ BBC Documentary- Our Side of the Story

End All Discrimination Against Women, Girls – Bolanle Ambode

End this barbaric sport – charity plea for final ban on trophy and canned hunting

How to Energize Students and Incentivize Educators 

England Should Be More Humble – Luka Modric

How to Enjoy christmas in Lagos

6 Fascinating Ways to Enjoy the Coal City State

Entertale is fusing social media with African TV

Entrepreneurs, Avoid These Common Mistake

Entrepreneurship: An Engine for Job Creation And Inclusive Growth in Nigeria

Enugu Abuzz with Coal City Art Exhibition 2017 

Enugu Mass Movement for Atiku Holds Solidarity Rally for Atiku, Governor Ugwuanyi

Five ePayment Tips Every Online Shopper Should Know

EPL Week 12 Wrap: Who Can Stop the Citizens?

Here the Essentials That Students Need as They Prepare to Return to School

Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Motherboard

Essential Tips For Buying a Phone During the Jumia Mobile Week

Evangelism of Logo Benz

Things You Should Never Buy at the Airport

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Be a Boxer

Examining a Smart Dutch Initiative to Combat TB on World Tuberculosis Day

Read the Exchanges Between Governor Ambode and Jide Sanwo-olu

Exclusive: Emir Sanusi’s Controversial Presentation

Exclusive Pictures from the 2017 Port Harcourt Polo Tournament 

Experience Ancient Civilization in Kano

Experience Independence With These 7 Budget-friendly Hotels

My Experience of Racism in America and What Africans Can Learn from It 

Explore Nigeria With These Top Four Tour Operators

FAAN, Dana Blame Bad Weather for Port Harcourt Runway Accident

Facebook User Says Sat Guru Maharaj Ji “Called to Rest” 

A Tale of a Facebook Scammer and ‘Her’ Apple Gifts

Facebook to Start Disclosing Sponsors of Political Adverts 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a TV

The Factory that made Ekwueme has been Shut Down

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Passports

Facts and Figures: The Untold Stories about Innoson CEO Arrest, details of transaction with Gtbank

Popular Comedian, Alao Paul known as ‘Fadda D Grammarian’, Dies

Fake rophets and the burden off righteousness (V)

Family Comes First – Home Security Options

Fashion Items that Stayed Trendy in 2016

Fashola’s reversal of LASU fee

Fasting Tips for Long distance Traveling During Ramadan

Ekiti Election: Kayode Fayemi Supporter, Bankole Ajayi Dies Suddenly

Federal Government Releases Facts on its Response to the Attacks and Killings by Herdsmen in Benue and other States 

Federal Government to work with Traditional Leaders to end Herdsmen-Farmers Violence

Fela Durotoye: You Cannot Fly Into Flying

Sir Alex Ferguson in Intensive Care after Successful Surgery

Fernando Torres ‘Conscious and Stable’ After Horrific Head Injury

Festival of Surgery as 10,000 Nigerians Regain Sight

Finalists for 2016 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians Announced

Financial Guide for the Festive Holiday Season

3 Financial Red Flags in a Relationship

How to Find Cheap Apartments for Rent In Lagos

Firdaus Amasa Invited to Call to Bar Ceremony, to be Allowed to Wear Hijab

Fire on the mountain

See the First Ever Cars made by Popular Brands

Five Basic Things Every Hotel Should Have

Five Best Selling Electronics on Jumia Market in 2016

Five Hacks to Choose the Perfect Airplane Seat

Five Points for Setting Up the Perfect Buffet Table

Five Signs That You Wear Too Much Makeup

Five Techy Ways To Save Time When Shopping

Five Things Startups Can Do To Stand Out From Competition

Five Tips To Prevent Road Rage As a Lagos Driver

Five Ways Fintech Will Change E-commerce

Fixing the Challenges Frustrating Tourism in Africa

The folly of Putting Our Trust in Men Instead of God

Foods That Can Help You Look Younger

Here Are Foods That Can Make You Age Faster

4 Popular Foods You Didn’t Know Could Make You Gain Crazy Weight

Here are the Foods to Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

Foods You Shouldn’t Keep In Your Freezer

Five Foods To Eat When You Are Constipated

The Foolishness of our Past Leaders is Haunting Us

Football World Shocked as Fiorentina Captain, Davide Astori Dies in his Sleep

For a better Customs Service

For Gusau Dasuki silence no longer golden

Former AC Milan Star, Kakha Kaladze is New Mayor of Tblisi

Fortuna Sittard Suspend Sunday Oliseh for Disrupting Club Harmony

Four Tips for Sleeping Comfortably at an Airport

How ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ Fraudster was Tracked from United States to Ekpoma

Free Project Management and Resource Planning Software for Startups and Freelancers

Full List of NYSC Orientation Camps and Addresses

Full Lists of Oscars Winners 2019

Full Lists of Oscars Winners 2018 

Read the Full Speech of President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presentation of the 2019 Budget Proposal to the National Assembly 

The Full Story of How Paddy Adenuga missed Buying Chevron Netherlands with a Few Unsaid Words

Full Text of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s Speech to Nigerians on Democracy Day

Funke Akindele Voted as Most Influential Young Nigerian in 2016 

The future of Africa, her Youth and Women

Game-Changing E-Commerce & Price Comparison website Up for Sale 

The Most Spectacular Game of Thrones Locations You Can Actually Visit

Gani Fawehinmi, activism and democratic governance in Nigeria

Gareth Southgate Inspires #WaistcoatWednesday Trend

Gas Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Was George Weah Overrated?

George Weah wins Liberia’s Presidential Election

German Passport Ranked the Most Powerful in the World in 2018

See the 23-Man List of Players for Germany in Russia 2018

Gernot Rohr Drops Junior Lokosa, 4 Others from Super Eagles Squad

Gernot Rohr Releases Super Eagles List for Algeria

Gernot Rohr Visits Ahmed Musa in Moscow

How to get a 2nd Number that works anywhere in the world on a Single SIM

Know how to get back to your Google account quickly

Get inspired read the story of Whatsapp creator jan koum

Get Your Man’s Assurance With These 4 Men’s Products

He wants to get married this year to his Abuja LostRib. Are you the one ? 

How to Get Steady Power with MTN Mobile Electricity

8 Helpful Tips for Getting a Study Scholarship

“Ghana is a Better Destination for Weddings than Dubai because of Cost & Distance”- Jumia Travel MD

Farmerline, Zylofon Media, Tonaton and others Nominated for 2017 Premium Bank Ghana Startup Awards 

Gifting With Convenience this Christmas Season 

Gigku is a New Freelancing Platform you should Know About

Is Gina Atkins APC’s Wendel Simlin?

Gionee Unveils Seyi Shay as Brand Ambassador 

Why Girls and Ladies Should Insist on their Privacy

Girl Tells Sad Story of How Father Died Because Lagosians Failed to Make Way for LRU 

National Coordinator, Grassroot Mobilizers for Buhari (GMB) and 58 Others Declare Support for Atiku

Goals to Pursue Before 30

Gold or Silver – Which One to Choose?

Goodbye to officer of the Federal Republic (OFR)

Goodluck Jonathan, Destroyer in chief

How To Have A Good Night Rest While Travelling

Good Reasons To Consider Flying First Class

Google Analytics Most Powerful Extension Launches Must-Have Version 2.0

Google Celebrates Professor Chinua Achebe’s 87th Posthumous Birthday with Doodle

Google’s CEO Visits FC Barcelona

Google’s Parent Company Alphabet is Building a ‘City of the Future’ in Toronto

Google App Doesn’t ‘Think’ Nigeria can Beat Argentina

Governor Ambode Sacks 3 Commissioners, Appoints 5 New Ones

On Governor Amosun, MAPOLY and the Politics of Filling Basket with Water

Governor Aregbesola’s bitterness in victory: The interment of statesmanship

Governor Theodore Orji lies like Leopard Gecko shedding her skin

Governor Wike Visits Real Madrid, Meets Ronaldo and Ramos

Grand Finale of the GTBank Masters Cup (Season 6) holds on Thursday 29th June 2017 

7 Great Benefits Of Mountain Biking

We are a Great Country, Stop Putting Yourself Down — Fashola

The Greatest Problem in Nigeria is Greed

Great Hacks for Selecting a Restaurant While Travelling

Great Lessons from Roger Federer’s 18th Grand Slam Win

The Growing Problem of Untreated Dementia in the Elderly

To grow the international market, we need a strong domestic market– DG, NTDC

GTBank Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Listing on the London Stock Exchange

GTBank Fashion Weekend Set to Showcase “Africa’s Finest” This November

GTBank Holds 7th Annual Autism Program

GTBank Launches GTPatriot, a Subsidized Banking Package for Nigeria’s Military and Paramilitary Personnel 

GTBank Masters Cup (Season 6) Enters Quarter-Final Stage

GTBank-Ogun State Principals Cup (Season 5) Semi Finals June 2017

GTBank Partners With Tech Startup Publiseer

GTBank Releases Q1 2017 Unaudited Results, Reports Profit before Tax of ₦50.39Billion

GTBank Remodels Herbert Macaulay Library … Flags Off YOU READ initiative 

The Super Guide to Successful Blogging Launched

Gunmen Kill Adinoyi Onukaba Ojo, Atiku’s former Media Aide

Gwoza caliphate and legitimacy of a sovereign

Gwoza wives fighting with bare hands

5 Habits that will Kill your Entrepreneurial Dream

Habits that Lower Your Self-Esteem

See 30 Habits that Show Improper Upbringing of Children

Hacks for Dealing With Smelly Feet

Simple Hacks For Getting Quality Hotel Service

Hacks For Getting Free Flight Upgrade

Hacks for Giving the Perfect Gift Giver this Holiday Season

This is What Really Happened in Plateau State According to the Presidency

Harnessing Big Data and Improving Emotional Intelligence, Key to Personalizing Travelers Experience

Harnessing Mobile Payment to Boost Economic Growth

Hate,  Propaganda and the Future of the East

Have you seen the Police website lately

Health benefits of Coffee you will absolutely love

Health Benefits of Eating More Veggies

Five Health Warning Signs From Your Feet to Never Ignore

Healthy Eating for an Active Lifestyle

Healthy Foods For Your Appetite 

Hear President Muhammadu Buhari’s Audio Sallah Message and Falana’s Reaction

Help! Failed Paternity Test is About to Wreck My Marriage

Help! we are loosing the war against Boko Haram

Here is How to Deal With Culture Shock While Travelling

Heroes of Boko Haram war

He who fights and runs away

Highest Goal Scorer in Nigeria Premier League: 1990 – 2017

High Protein Vegetables You Need To Eat

Hilarious Reasons Nigerians Eat Meat Last

See the 40+ Historical Issues Tackled by the Buhari Government

Why HiTV Failed Against DSTV and What TSTV Can Learn from It

This Holiday Season Make a Promise to Harness the Ebenezer Effect and Change Your Life

HotelOga and Savanna Sunrise Merge to Create Mega Online Hospitality Marketing Platform

HotelOnline Opens Office in Nigeria after Merger

House of Representatives Bans Recruitment Fees in Public and Private Sector

How APC plans to dmp Buhari

How Corporate Organisations Can Save Money on Employees Travel in 2019

How Digital Payment is Disrupting Traditional Payment System

How eCommerce Businesses Can Take Advantage of AI

How Ex-Borno Governor Ali Modu Sheriff sponsored Boko Haram  

How Fintechs Are Closing the Banking Gap

How Fintechs Are Disrupting the Nigerian Banking Industry 

How Governor Mimiko ambushed me in Akure

How to Grow Your Business Online 

How Islamic is Shekau’s ‘Islamic Caliphate?’

How much is your vote worth?

How Nollywood Can Promote Nigeria’s Hospitality Industry

How Northerners are teaching Southerners a lesson in arrogance 

How One Tech Startup is Using AI to Conquer Challenges Faced by Media Giants

How Smartphones Have Disrupted the Way Nigerians Travel 

How Struggling Retailers Can Improve Business by Selling Online

How the Growth of eCommerce is Reshaping The Logistics Landscape

How To Fix An Oversalted Meal

How to Get Nigeria Swiftly Out of Recession

How to Maintain Your Small or Medium Website and Increase Traffic    

How to make it BIG in Nigeria 

How to Move Home Appliances Without Damaging Them

How to run a country

How to Scale a New Online Business

How to Start Saving Early For Your Next Vacation

How To Travel on a Budget And Still Have Fun

HP Pavilion Laptop Models: Top 4 Solutions For Home And Office 

Huffington Post Rebrands as HuffPost, Changes Logo

5 Things that are Hurting Your Partner and Killing Your Relationship

Hypocrisy of America’s experimental Ebola drug

Why I am Ashamed of My Son — Ryan Giggs’ Father

Ibibio Cuisines to Try

IBM Ghana CEO, Angela Kyerematen-Jimoh Receives WomanRising Award   

Ibukun’s Sad Story of How She Wrecked Her Marriage 

ICCA/Umunna commends South-East governors for rejecting ranching.

ICCA/Umunna to South-East governors opposed to Peter Obi should help Ndigbo find Nnamdi Kanu

Iceland Becomes Smallest Country to Ever Qualify for the World Cup

See the 23-Man List of Players for Iceland in Russia 2018

ICT-Giants Plan to Take Over Nigerian Polity using Youth Issues – Intelicor 

How to Identify the Problem with a Smoky Diesel Generator

How to Identify Scammers Using Subdomains to Deceive People

Ifeanyi Dike, Alleged Ritual Killer Rearrested

If only they would understand

Watch the Incredible ‘Transmission’ Video of IGP Ibrahim Idris

IKEDC Now Sends SMS Alert for Disconnection and Payment

Ikimi: Jagaban hits the bull’s eye

Ikimi, Ribadu and Politics of defection

Ikimi, Tinubu and APC

What I Learnt from an American Coach and His Nigerian Female Basketball Team

What I Learnt from Leaving My Teaching Job

Illegal clampdown on BTS sites 

Why it is Illegal to Declare IPOB a Terrorist Organisation

The Illegality of Covenant University Students’ Suspension by the School Management 

Why I’ll vote Buhari again and again- Femi Adesina

Ilorin: The City of Harmony

I’m Dreaming of a Dry Christmas

Immersive Tech: How Businesses Are Generating Returns

Imo State and a Tale of Happiness

Imperatives of reviewing okorochas free education policy

The Importance of Stopping the Spread of Fake News 

The Importance of Being Thankful to God through Charity 

Important Lessons Nigerians Should Learn from President Trump’s Inauguration 

Important Things to Know About the All-In-One App

The Most Important Things To Look For When Booking A Hotel Room  

Important Travel Hacks for The Elderly 

How to Improve Your Construction Document Management

4 Ways to Improve your Mobile Phone Connection 

Improve Your Skills, Improve Your Worth: Skills Employers are looking for in 2019

In Celebration Of Black History Month Diversity In Cannes Announces Top 10 Black Filmmakers To Watch

Increasing Suicide — Be Careful What Your Children Consume 

Incredible! See this 3-Year-Old Boy Ride a Huge Python

Incredible! Watch Video of JAMB Staff Claiming ‘Mysterious’ Snake Swallowed N36 Million

See How Indian Barber Sets Client’s Hair on Fire

India’s eCommerce industry back on growth track again in 2018

5 Indicators of Tourism’s Potential in Africa

Why Individuals Should be Free to Choose their Culture

Indomie Superfan Shares Sumptuous Dish

INEC’s new membership in #BringBackOurNorthernDomination

Infrastructure Development As The Key Element To Tourism Improvement

See the Full Ingredients and Instructions on how to make Crepe 

If I Were Nnamdi Kanu

I Have no Political Ambition — Paddy Adenuga

In praise of competence

Insight Into Judicial Corruption in Nigeria              

4 Helpful Tips to Become an Instagram Model

“Our Integrated And Interconnected Ecosystem Across Africa, Responsible For Our Growth”- Jumia CEO

Top Interesting Facts about the Newly-Elected French President, Emmanuel Macron 

Interesting Places to Visit In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Interesting Reasons You Should Visit the Millennium Park, Abuja

An Interesting Tale of a Ponzi Scheme Not Called MMM

Interesting Ways To Know If Your Nigerian Flight Has Been Delayed

Helpful International Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers 

In the name of the Nigerian presidency

Introducing a New Political Theory- The Trump Paradox

Introducing The New Turkey Homes Mobile App

Introduction to Islamic Finance 

Why You Should Invest in Buying Land in Lagos Today

See the 23-Man List of Players for Iran in Russia 2018 

Is APC any different from PDP

Is APC jittery?

Is Atiku an unclean vessel?

Is civil society to blame

Is Hauwa Maina Dead? Sadly, Yes 

International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) Partners with IE School of Global & Public Affairs and International Trade Centre to Launch Pioneering Trade Master’s Degree 

Is PDP dancing before the music even started

I Spent One Week in Calabar, but Didn’t Want to Go Back Home

Issues in FRC’s Obazee’s Sack

Why I stand with Buhari

I stand by my words

Why I am Supporting an Old Man to be President of Nigeria

Italy fail to Qualify for Russia 2018 as Sweden go Through

Items Every Woman Should Pack When Travelling

It’s time to say goodbye to former President Jonathan

ITU eulogises Shola Taylor’s heroics

I Have Visited Over 30 States in Nigeria-Michael Balogun, CEO, Tour2Nigeria

I Weep For Nigeria, I Weep For Nigerians 

Jack Ma is the New ‘King’ of Pop

Between JAMB and the Policy Gurus

Janet Jackson Gives Birth to First Child – Eissa Al Mana

JarusHub Academy & to Hold Free Online Career Chat on May 29

JarusHub and HotProForum Raise the Bar for Online Debates in Nigeria

JarusHub Launches Online Platform for Professionals to Meet & Network

The Jarus Story: From Biggest Nightmare to Greatest Academic Influence

Jimi Manuwa Calls Out David Haye After Win Over Corey Anderson

Joe Falter Appointed as the New CEO of Jumia Travel

Joe Igbokwe Wishes Omoyele Sowore well as he Runs for President in 2019

Jonathan and battle for the soul of Rivers

Jonathan, Keshi and the little things

Jonathan, Ndigbo and the psychology of symbolic politics

See What Happened When Jose Mourinho Met Vladimir Putin 

Journalism in a season of anomie

Journalists Extol Airtel For Multimedia Training Workshop

Judging a Business by Its Marketing: Advice From Brandon Frere

Jumia Launches State-Of-The-Art Experience Centre, Making Online Shopping Accessible To All 

Jumia Commends Framework For eCommerce Regulation in Nigeria

Jumia Food Scores Big As it Hosts Top Nigerian Social Media Influencers

Jumia, HP to provide 15 students with educational scholarships worth 3.7million for School Resumption

Jumia Launches Late-night Food Delivery Service              jumia-late-night-food-delivery

Jumia Launches 2nd Edition of African Travel Awards

Jumia to Launch Payment Solution in 2017 

Jumia Market Hosts Participants from the Lagos Tech Tour

Jumia MD Named Among Top 100 Tourism Personalities in Nigeria

Jumia Named Among MIT Top 50 Smartest Companies 2017

Jumia will Consider Offers from Amazon or Alibaba

Jumia, others to create 3 million new jobs by 2025, report says

“Jumia’s Investors are Happy with the Group’s Achievements” – Dutta

Jumia Travel Expands to New Destinations in Africa &Across the World

Jumia Travel Launches “Dream Deals” 

Jumia Travel Now on Facebook Messenger

Jumia Travel Set to Launch Hospitality Report Africa

Analysing June 12 Democracy Day Declaration and Other Pressing Matters 

Kadaria Ahmed Adds to Atiku/Obi Interview Controversy by Insulting her Critics

A Missed Opportunity of a Lifetime for Kalinic as Croatia Play World Cup Final

Orji Uzor Kalu to be Turbaned in Daura Tomorrow

Kano Election: As the Lion Roars Again

Kanye West Declares Support for Donald Trump, Might Run for President in 2024

Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship: A Stitch in Time

keeping hope alive for younger Nigerian writers

Keep schools shut, don’t kill our tomorrow!

Kelechi Iheanacho Scores Twice in FA Cup as He Makes VAR History

Is Kenyan P.L.O. Lumumba Africa’s Greatest Living Orator?

Key Benefits of Mobile Payments to Increase Sales

Key Nutrients to Maximize Your Health


See the kitchen Tools you Need to do Proper Baking

How to Know If You are in a Bad Hotel

How To Know If Your Hotel Room Has Been Bugged

What to Know About JKK Building

What you should know about this new ‘Disease’ – Money Hoarding Disorder

What you Should Know about Online and Traditional Education

What You Should Know About Self-Driving Cars

Kogi HOS Reacts to Civil Servant’s Suicide

Kogi Youth Writes Open Letter to Gov. Bello over Water Scarcity in Ebiraland

Konga, Jumia, Others Now Eligible for Tax Exemption

Kongi: Portrait of Africas Premier Public Intellectual 

U-Turn? Bishop Kukah Denies Endorsing Atiku as Preferred Presidential Candidate 

Kunle Olaifa: Rose in bloom; gone too soon

Why Senator Kwankwaso Had to Defect from APC to PDP

Kwesé to Broadcast Joshua vs.Takam Live for Free on TV and Facebook

There Is Lack of Expertise and Passion for Hospitality In Nigeria- Marilyn Esuabana

Ladies: What are You Bringing to the Table?

Lagos be prepared for Ebola virus 

Lagos Groans Under Increasing Uncleared Garbage

Watch How Lagosians Mobbed President Buhari’s Vehicle after his Visit to Oba of Lagos  

Lagos Land Use Act: A Declaration of War Against Lagosians Especially the Poor

Lagos Ranked 2nd Worst Major City to Live in

Lagos Recognized as one of 100 Resilient Cities Great for Tourism, Ambode Says 

Lagos State Government has taken delivery of new BRT buses With Awesome Specs

Lagos Travel Hacks For The Newbie

Alhaji Lai Mohammed Responds to Suspension of Onnoghen as CJN

Lamentations of Some Nigerian Parents at Old Age 

Language Chauvinism in the Naming of Nigerian Military Operations 

The Latest TVs Have No Speakers … Sounds Good to Me! 

Re: “How I made a perfect payback for a lecturer who failed me for 6 years in the University”  

Law and Engineering Valuation

Law of Attraction Healing Diseases – Even Cancer?

Law of Attraction Secret – The Missing Link to Manifesting

See Nigerian Lawyers Giving President Buhari a ‘Sai Baba’ Farewell

LED Displays Create New Horizons With Advanced Technology

The Lekki-Ajah Corridor Hex – The Present and Future Floods

Lessons of Ebola’s spread to Port Harcourt

Let’s ‘Break-up’ Nigeria!

Let’s Encourage Baba B

Let’s fight corruption the ebola way

Let’s Talk About S.EX!

Let’s use Ebola to kill Polio!

When Should You Let Your Teen Daughter Wear Makeup?

Read a Letter to Facebook ‘Toasters and Chaikers’ Written by a Nigerian Lady

Letter to Nigerian Shiites from a Christian

Open Letter to Recruiters on the Modern Day Job Candidate

Let us ignite an entrepreneurship revolution in in Nigeria

Life Charity Network Gives Report on its Recent Activities

Like ISIS, like Boko Haram 

Like Nuhu Ribadu like Christiano Ronaldo: Why Nigeria is a case-study In absurdity (I)

Lil Ameer, Sensational Young Rapper, Dies at 14 in Bike Crash

Linda Ikeji should be thanking Mr Aye Dee

List of 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians in 2016 by Avance Media

Listen to Hilary Clinton tell Donald Trump: You Make My ‘Skin Crawl’ 

See list of Hashtags Available for the World Cup

Live to Fly – Top Luxury Destinations to Visit in 2018

Living on the Island: 10 Things Lagos Mainlanders Are Missing

Overturning the Narrative of Logistics Challenges in eCommerce 

London Hit By Multiple Attacks Around Westminster 

London is not the Only Place Under Terrorist Attack 

A Closer Look at the Dangers of Abortion

Looking in on Nigerian TV stations

Looking to Have Some Quiet Time in Lagos? Check Out these 4 Spots 

How you could Lose Access to Your Money in Nigerian Banks

How to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

Lost Your Passport? Here Are Quick Actions To Take

Love is Beautiful 

Love is Blind: 5 Reasons to Never Be ‘Blinded’ by Online Relationships!

The Love Story Between a Law Student and Campus Babe

Lynching by impeachment

What made up the 97% of domestic travel’s contribution to tourism revenue in 2016? 

How I am About to Make $100 million- Aroms Aigbehi

How To Make Flying With a Baby Less Stressful

6 Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Visitors

Make Investment in Infrastructure, Digital Economy Utmost Priority, If Voted In 

Making a Case for the Non-Adoption of Community Policing in Nigeria

Making mince meat of mighty military 

Making Sense of Mindless Opposition to Immigration

How to Manage Having a Single Income

How to Manage Money as a Nigerian in your 20s

Manchester City: Aguero “Never Lost Consciousness”, Cleared to Return

Is Manchester City Pep Guardiola’s Most Important Job Yet?Is Manchester City Pep Guardiola’s Most Important Job Yet? 

See What Manchester United are Saying About their New Caretaker Manager

Nelson Mandela: Celebrating the Birth of an Icon

Man thanks God on Twitter for Coming out of Coma after Ghastly Accident         man-thanks-god-twitter-coming-coma-ghastly-accident

Marching on to 2015 positively… 

Marilyn Ogar: Career official or party hack?

Marilyn Ogar: DSS or PDP spokesperson? 

What Mark Zuckerberg wants you to Know about Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

Rafael Marquez, former Barcelona Star, in Drug Scandal

Marriage is not for Show: How Couples Wreck it with their Wedding 

What Married Couples Can Learn from WhatsApp Groups

How to Marry a Female Motivational Speaker/Life Coach

Mascherano Did Not Die in Russia 

How Mass Shootings Affected my Work as a Filmmaker

Mauro Icardi Hat-Trick takes Inter Past AC in the Milan Derby

Maybe, Keshi should walk away

Mayweather Defeats McGregor by TKO to go 50-0

Measuring speed of mental replay of movies reveals new insights into how we access memories

We will not take our medical problems to Saraki – Vice President Osinbajo

Meet British Designer, Giles Deacon; the GTBank Fashion Weekend Masterclass Coach 

Meet the Nigerian Identical Twins Set to Create a Revolution in Music and Literature 

Men of God and divorce

See the 23-Man List of Players for Mexico in Russia 2018

Microsoft Desktop Web Client vs TSplus HTML5 Client

Mikel and Moses: A Tale of 2 Ms

Military to Ekweremadu: We Have No Interest in Coup

Minimum Wage and Matters Arising

Minna Jail Break: The True Situation 

That New Notes Criminal Syndicate in Our CBN

The Misconceptions About Ibadan Disproved

Common Misconceptions Nigerians Have About Entrepreneurship

What You Should Do If You Mistakenly Swallow Fuel 

Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Travelling Abroad

Mistakes Parents Make When Traveling With Kids

How Mobile Devices Are Impacting eCommerce

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) Nearly Triple Sales for the Second Year in a Row

On Mob Lynching, Jungle Justice and the Law

Monarchs, Epe People Vow Support for Cleaner Lagos Initiative

Money Mistakes To Never Make When Planning Your Wedding

Monsanto case reaffirms that robotics will shape the future of agrochemicals

A month after, Ire iterates Adekunle’s deserved golden moments

See the 23-Man List of Players for Morocco in Russia 2018

Mo Salah, Football Fans Slam Award of ‘Phantom’ Goal to Harry Kane

5 Most Popular Android Apps for Regular Use in 2018

Ladies Should Know that not Every Mother-in-Law is Bad

Mouth-Watering Lebanese Dishes You Need to Try

Mr Eazi is Right, Ghana Has Significant Influence on Nigerian Music

Mr President, corruption, Boko Haram, ambition and the rest of us

Mr President this is how to defeat Boko Baram

Much ado about okada ‘ban’ in Lagos

Defiant Robert Mugabe attends Graduation after Coup, Remains President

Read President Muhammadu Buhari’s New Year Message to Nigerians

Muhammadu Buhari: Running for President with an anti corruption bank loan    muhammadu-buhari-running-for-president-with-an-anti-corruption-bank-loan

MURIC to Nigerian Law School: Stop Provoking Muslims                muric-nigerian-law-school-stop-provoking-muslims

MURIC to Falz: Withdraw ‘Shaku Shaku’ Video Within 7 Days or Face Legal Action

Murphy Ijemba is Back with Max Drive on Max 102.3 Fm Lagos

Murphy Ijemba Displaces “Citizen Jones” and Kubanji Direct

Must-Have Apps for Teachers and Educators 

Must Know Beauty Hacks For Female Travellers

Must-see Historical Buildings When You Travel Around Nigeria

Must See: NVO Apparel Presents 3 Phases of an African Man

My Negative Experience at Carlcare Android Service Centre, Abuja

Myths You Should Not fall for as a Campus Jambite

Nairabet Founder, Akin Alabi Running for House of Representatives

‘My Name is Love’ and Other Poems by Odion

Nasarawa’s ‘cash and carry’ politics

Nashville Exhibition Exposes Dangers of Psychiatric Treatments

Nassarawa Assembly and the power of powers

NASS Usurpation of INEC Functions on Reordering of Elections Cannot Stand  

Before the National Assembly ‘Impeaches’ Fayose, Let us Consider the Law  

National Assembly’s Quest to Re-order the Sequence of Elections, Right or Wrong?

National Confab: Unity needed to take the nigeria concept forward  

National Geographic Travel Photo Contest 2019

“Government Needs to Revamp National Theatre to Boost tourism revenue”- Jumia MD

5 Natural Drinks You Can Make at Home to Boost Your Health

Why the NBC was Right to Fine Ray Power FM

The Need to Address Mental Health Issues in Nigeria

Why We Need Genetically Modified (GM) Foods

The Need for Gov. Godwin Obaseki to Answer the Cry of Umagbae Community in Edo State

All You Need to Know About the Deadly Lassa Fever

All You Need to Know About Ekpe Udoh, New NBA Star of Nigerian Origin 

All You Need to Know about the Federal Government’s Whistleblowing Programme 

All You Need to Know About Kwesé as It Launches in Nigeria

All You Need to Know About Lagos State Rent-to-Own Scheme

What You Need to Know About Nigeria’s Military Outreach

All You Need to Know about Nigeria’s Presidential Aspirant, Fela Durotoye 

All You Need to Know About the Ojude-Oba Festival

Networking Mistakes You Might Be Making

New Smartphone App can save Lives and Money in Developing Nations       

New Modes of Learning and Teaching for Higher Education

The Nexus Between Leadership and Human Capital Development

Neymar vs Cavani Feud Threatens to Tear PSG Apart

Nigeria, 127 Other Countries Vote Against Jerusalem Becoming Capital of Israel

Nigeria 2019 Elections: Kingsley Moghalu announces candidacy for president

Nigeria-and-politics national Cake

Nigeria and the tragi-case of two cans of sprite

Nigeria at-54: And so?

Nigeria in Danger of Falling into Depression

See Where Nigeria is Expected to Be Among Global Economic Powers in 2050 

How Nigeria is the ‘World Champion’ in Population Growth Rate 

Nigeria: Investors say African Development Bank’s Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones will Drive Agricultural Revolution

Nigeria is Ebola-free!

Nigerian Journalist Petitions ICC over Nigerian Army Invasion of South-East 

See the 23-Man List of Players for Nigeria in Russia 2018

Nigeria, Morocco Deal Creates 50,000 Jobs

Nigerian Embassador: An embarrassment begging America for arms

Nigerian Among Victims of Ethiopian Air Crash 

Nigerian Army will Continue to Discharge its Internal Security Duties 

Nigerian Billionaire Arthur Eze Invests in Zambian Oil & Gas Industry

Nigerian children: From mass poverty to mass failure

Did Nigerian Coach Vote with Sentiments in WPOTY 2017?

Nigerian Defender William Troost-Ekong Signs for Udinese

Nigerian football: Throwing stones from the Glass House

Nigerian Immigrants and Cash Remittance

Nigerian OAP Discovers David Beckham Lookalike Mannequin in Lagos 

Nigerians and Buhari: Projections for 2019

Nigerians Congratulate Deji Tinubu on Twitter over Nottingham Forest Win over Arsenal

Nigerians, Eboue is not Dead Please! 

How Nigerians Should Fight Corruption

Why Nigerians are Fleeing Nigeria

Why Nigerian Slay Queens Should Embrace Agriculture

Nigerians and Love of the Blame Game

Why Nigerians May Experience Power Blackout in the Coming Weeks

How Nigerian SMEs Can Attract New Customers Despite Economic Recession

Nigerian soldier’s wives cowardly intervention

A Nigerian’s Plan to Develop States with Coconut 

How Nigerians Sabotage Nigeria

See How Nigerians Spend for Christmas

Why Nigerians Should Stop Lyin

Nigerian Startup, Publiseer Gets Into MIT Solve

This Nigerian Startup is Redefining the Educational Sector 

Nigerian Startup Releaf Secures $120,000 Investment to Connect African Agribusinesses to Customers they can Trust

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week Scheduled to Hold on the 19th & 20th August 

A Nigerian Student’s Bleak Forecast for Nigeria in 2017

Nigerian University Makes History, Develops New Breed of Chicken ‘FUNAAB ALPHA’

Nigerian woman named Commonwealth Young Person of the Year for abuse support programme

Nigerian Youths; Elections and Violence 

Why Nigerian Youths Need to Make the Transition from Graduate to Apprentice 

NIGERIA: Of Ghost Workers and ‘Ghost Corpers’

Nigeria Ranked as 2nd Worst Country in Terms of Government Integrity

Nigeria’s democracy: Teething pains vis-à-vis Adamawa and Nasarawa states

Nigeria’s D’Tigers Lose AfroBasket Title to Tunisia 

Nigeria’s Education System in Perilous Times

Nigeria’s Nuclear Power Plant Option 

Nigeria’s Crude Oil: A Curse or Blessing?

Nigeria’s Pay-TV sector: Can TSTV Walk the Talk?

Nigeria’s Political Elite and Opportunism

Nigeria: That much needed change how

Nigeria will never be united

See Nippon TV’s First Android (Robot) Anchor, Ms Erica Aoi

Nissan Unveils ‘Singing’ feature in its Electric Cars (See it Perform) 

Nkem Says: There is Always that One Person

Nkem Says: Don’t Marry Him … He’s 50 Years Old

Nkem Says: Every Rich Man Is Handsome (Or Not?)

Nkem Says: The Unique Perks Of Dating an Older Woman

Atiku on NNPC: Buhari’s Men Display Ignorance of Modern Economy Says Atiku Group      

On the NNPC GMD’s N25 Billion Saga

No Disciplinary Action by Leicester City Against Ahmed Musa After Wife-Beating Allegation               

Nogokpo Goes Online

On the NNPC GMD’s N25 Billion Saga

We Have no Hidden Religious Agenda in Our Administration- President Buhari

Nollywood or Chinawood? Watch this Amazing Fight Scene

Nomination Opens for 100 Most Influential Young Africans 2017 

No, Northerners are not parasites

No politician is worth killing or dying for

North-east, insurgency and bad leadership

North: Igbo are not the problem

North Korea Backs Catalonia’s Declaration of Independence

7 Notable Assassinations of African Leaders in History

See the 7 Notable Footballers who Never won the UEFA Champions League

It’s Not What You Do but How You Do It –The Case of the Innovative Teacher

A Note of Caution to Nigerian Youths as we Seek to take Power

Not Everyone Makes a Good Customer 

We Do Not Need War

I am Not One of Them

Why You Should Not Smoke at a Petrol Station

Now that Nigeria is Planning to Start Collecting Tax From Beggars, What’s Next?

Now that President Buhari is Back

Now that our soldiers are running away…

Now That Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is Emir

NTDC DG, Others Appointed as Jury for the Nigeria Travel Awards 

Nuhu Ribadu: Between Ambition and conscience 

Number 10: Rare Picture of Victor Moses Playing for England

Number Porting: Subscribers must take up the challenge

NURTW Chairman Emerges Vice President of International Transport Federation

See how NURTW endorsed Ambode for 2nd Term 

Obama’s dream realized, Nigeria’s nightmares just began

Read Barack Obama’s Reaction to Donald Trump Pulling Out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal 

Obasanjo in search of “new wife” again

Obasanjo’s unrelenting bashing of jonathan

Obasanjo: The Nigerian Elder Statesman with a Penchant for the Limelight

Obudu Resort: The Place Where The Sky Kisses The Earth

Read Full October 1, 2018 Independence Day Speech by President Muhammadu Buhari 

OddInstinctGremansi, First Motorbike Racing Team takes Nigeria by Storm

The Odd Things That Happen Whenever It Rains in Lagos

Ode to Adadevoh who stopped Ebola in Nigeria 

Matters Arising from the Offa Bank Robbery

Ogbeni’s victory; Omisore’s defeat: The 1965 Western Regional elections revisited

Oge Okoye Caught Claiming Kenya Moore’s Pets in Instagram Scandal 

Oh Dimgba Igwe, where do I begin?

Ojuelegba Tragedy: Unlatched Containers Must Leave Our Roads 

Ojota Incident, 3 Policemen Dismissed as Lagos Command Releases Half-year Disciplinary Record

OK Recruiting seeking college graduates to teach English abroad 

Olivier Giroud Signs for Chelsea

One Day Can Change Your Life

Where Does One Find their Self-Esteem? 

One lesson for Ebola from HIV…  

One Suicide, 2 Bodies: Questions Arising from Dr. Orji’s Death

Online Food Marketplace: An Opportunity For Restaurants to Make Quick Turnover

Ooops …Trump is President-Elect of America!

Open Letter to E-Hailing/Mobile Taxi Drivers in Nigeria

Open letter to Chief Tom Ikimi 

Operation Python Dance: ICC Acknowledges Receipt of Petition by Journalist Against Nigeria Army

Options for saving Borno/Nigeria

Pictures: Orji Uzor Kalu Turbaned ‘Dan Baiwan Hausa’

Osinbajo Appoints New ICPC Chairman, Others

Osinbajo to Ortom: You Never Informed Me of Impending Fulani Herdsmen Killings in Benue

#Osun2014: Baba Risi’s court

Osun 2014: Omisore paid for the death-of bola ige

#Osun2014: The tales I can’t tell


Our adversaries, our girls and our soldiers

Our commander-in-chief needs to earn his stripes

Our government needs to stop “Falling Our Hand”

Why Ousmane Dembele is the Best Replacement for Neymar at Barcelona

Outcome of conference of APC state publicity secretaries

Outrage as Ben Carson Describes Slaves as ‘Immigrants’

How to Overcome the Challenge of Scaling Your Startup

How To Overcome Entrepreneurial Burnout

5 Ways to Overcome Flight Turbulence Anxiety

7 Tips for Overcoming Shyness on World Introvert Day

Owners of Bank Accounts without BVN Risk Losing their Money to the Federal Government 

Oya Media UK Announces Season 2 of #AskFunmi Series by TV Icon Funmi Iyanda

What Osun poll further reveals

EFCC should probe Enugu House of Assembly

INEC’s new membership in #BringBackOurNorthernDomination

World Emoji Day: Over 60 million emojis used on Facebook, 5 billion on Messenger daily 

True Charity Seeks No Recognition 

How To Pack Light When Travelling With Kids

Paddy Adenuga and Feyi Fawehinmi Clash over Chevron Netherlands Story

See what Billionaire’s Son, Paddy Adenuga Looked Like as a Young Boy

‘Paddy’ is My Real Name, Younger Adenuga Insists

Painted mobile clinics: innovative Dutch vision on battling TBC

The Paradox of the Much Older Husband

Parlaying Youth’s Potentials into National Development

Party Politics in nigeria time for a reset

A Passionate Defence of MMM Nigeria

Why Passion is Greater than Talent 

Pastor, sex, and scandal

Paul was not a disciple of Jesus 

Paystack CEO, Jumia Foods MD, Others Make YNaija Under-40 Most Influential Nigerians in Tech

PDP: lying as Modus Operandi

PDP party internal democracy and automatic tickets 

Demolition of Yinka Aiyefele’s Building Wicked – PDP

PDP’s monarchy and challenges within

Peer-to-Peer Lending as a Means of Propelling Startup Growth

The Perennial Jam called JAMB

Now Is the Perfect Time for an iPad Upgrade

Peter Obi Meets Paul Ryan for 2nd time in 2 years 

Peter Schmeichel Celebrates Son, Kasper after Stellar Performance at World Cup

5 Tips for Picking the Right Shoes for Your Feet

A Piece of Advice for Slay Queens and Kings

PIGB for Dummies

PIND Collaborates With Multi-Sector Partners to Organize 6th Annual Niger Delta Development Forum


How to Plan Your Nigerian Wedding for N20,000 or Less

See the List of Legendary Players that Never Won the World Cup

I Plead for Forgiveness from the Yoruba Nation – Ochereome Nnanna

PMB’s Second Term: Looking Back, And Looking Forward

A Poem titled ‘Survival’

Points For Eating Healthy On A Budget

Points For Computer Eye Strain Relief

7 Important Points To Know Before Travelling to Dubai

Police to Dbanj and Family: We Commiserate with You But Tell us How Little Daniel Died

Police Gassed Dino—Senator Ben Murray-Bruce 

Policemen Involved in Alleged Shooting of Man in China Town, Ojota Arrested

See What the Police Wrote 3 Days Before Air Chief Marshal (Retd.) Alex Badeh’s Killing

Politics, peoples and principles

Popular Analyst, Tope Fasua, Eyes Aso Rock Top Job in 2019

Most Popular Foods in Africa 

Positive Effect of Using Local Languages to Teach in Schools

Is it Possible to Have Sex By Mistake ? 

Two Possible New Ways to Treat Silent Seizures in Children

Possible Ways to Not Lose Your Work Visa

Poster of Gov. Ambode Shares Embarrassing Portrait with Refuse

A Post-mortem of the Age of Industry in Nigeria

See the Power Innovations that can Solve the Electricity Supply Problem in Nigeria

Power Supply to Improve as NNPC Restores Escravos-Lagos Pipeline, Resumes Gas Supply  

Six predictions for learning and development in 2019

Premium Times Reporter, Samuel Ogundipe Released on Bail

How to Prepare for Retirement without Stress

Preparing Nigerian Youths For The Future of Work

Presidency Confirms 76 Dapchi Schoolgirls Released by Boko Haram

Presidency Launches ‘Trader Moni’ to Provide Loans to Micro Businesses 

President Buhari asks Transparency International to Focus on Facts, not Fiction

President Buhari Commends Support Groups’ Sacrifices for National Development

President Buhari Congratulates Liberia’s President-Elect George Weah

President Buhari Directs the Immediate Disengagement of Abdulrasheed Maina 

President Buhari Leaves for the United Kingdom on an Official Visit 

President Buhari Reconstitutes Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria

President Buhari Returns to Nigeria After Extended Medical Leave

President Buhari Suspends SGF Lawal and NIA DG, Ambassador Oke

President Buhari to Visit Turkey Tomorrow

President Jonathan repeats broken Promises for 2015 re-election 

President Jonathan’s impeachable offences

Watch President Muhammadu Buhari’s Entrance at Adamawa Rally as Supporters Go Wild

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Visit to Turkey in Pictures

President Muhammadu Buhari versus Enemies of Nigeria

Press freedom and security

Prince Kayode Akiolu Announces Bid for House of Representative Seat under APC

The Problem and Non-Problem with Barca 

Prodigaltocracy, 2015 and Obasanjo’s three sons

How to Have a Productive Day with 3 Simple Acts

The Pros and Cons of Working in the Back Office of a Nigerian Bank

Prospective Corp Member Decries Failure to Be Mobilized By NYSC 

Protea Hotel Opens in Owerri

6 Ways to Protect Elders from Scams

Protecting oneself from online scams

Protective Measures to Take If You Had Unprotected Sex

Proven Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

Proven Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

PSG Want Arsenal’s Sanchez After Signing Neymar

Publiseer To Deliver Digital Content To Over 3,000 Libraries With cloudLibrary

Pushed By Oil, Nigeria’s Economy Grows for 2nd Consecutive Quarter

Putin, Maradona, Okocha, Kanu, Others Celebrate Pele

Putting Politics Aside to Sustain Viable Government Programmes

Quality Education in Nigeria’s Public Schools is Almost Dead: Who Will Revive It? 

Top 10 Questions for President Buhari before 2019 Presidential Election

Radamel Falcao in Match Manipulation Mess

Radio Continental Relaunches as MAX 102.3 Fm Lagos

5 Survival Tips for Raising a Large Family

Ramos’ Tackle Against Salah “Not Allowed” in our Sport – European Judo Union

RE: 81 of Buhari’s 100 Appointees are Northerners

Read Aliyu Jalal’s Captivating ‘Failure of the First Night’

Read ANC’s full Statement Recalling Jacob Zuma as South Africa’s President

Read Atiku’s Resignation Letter as He Leaves APC 

Read Federal Government’s Full Response to Obasanjo’s Letter 

Read full Speech of President Buhari’s Speech at D-8 Summit

Read the Full Text of President Buhari’s Opening Address at the White House Press Conference with President Trump

Read Full Text of President Buhari’s Speech to Nigerians after Arriving from London

Read Full Text of Rotimi Amaechi’s Broadcast to Rivers People over Omoku Killings 

Read Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed’s Reaction to Offa Deadly Bank Robbery

Read the Internal Memo Where Facebook Executive Admits Danger of Users Getting Killed

Read Ise L’ogun Ise: Classic Yoruba Poem by J.F. Odunjo with English Translation

Read How Nigerian Defence Headquarters Declared IPOB a Terrorist Organization

Read Paddy Adenuga’s Relationship Advice for Singles 

Read President Buhari’s 2017 Christmas Message to Nigerians

Read President Buhari’s 2018 Budget Presentation Speech at the National Assembly

Read President Buhari’s January 1, 2018 Speech to Nigerians 

Read President Buhari’s Letter to Senate President, Bukola Saraki on Benue Killings               

Read President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2017 Eid-ul-Fitr Greetings to Nigerians

Read Prince Uche Secondus’ Speech after Becoming PDP Chairman

Read What Senate President, Bukola Saraki has to Say About Offa Bank Robbery and Killings

Read the Text of President Buhari’s Full Speech at the United Nation’s General Assembly

Read Zlatan’s Reaction to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Wonder Goal Against Juventu 

Real Estate Photography as a Career Choice for Young Women

Do We Really Want the Subsidy Regime Back?   

The Real Reason President Buhari Cancelled His Trip to Bauchi

The Real Trouble with Nigeria

6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog 

See Some of the Reasons You are not Getting Dream Jobs

Reasons Why Nigeria is a Great Destination For Doing Business

Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Needs to Innovate

How Recession Made My House Rat Eat Fresh Pepper and Cockroach 

See World Cup Record that Places Ahmed Musa Ahead of Messi and Ronaldo

A Record Attributed to Cristiano Ronaldo Found to be False

Red Star Express to Host SME 1000 and How to Register for Free

Red Star Express Plc Commemorates Silver Jubilee Anniversary in Grand Style

Red Star Express Records N7.3b Turnover, Declares Dividend

Why Red Tea is Better than Green Tea

How To Reduce The Risk of Food Poisoning

Reflections on Love and Life

Re: Why I Accepted to Serve (Festus Keyamo) 

Rekindling Faith in the Nigerian Military

Remembering the Chibok girls

Renowned Mass Communication and Journalism Academic,  Dr Ifedayo Daramola is Dead

The Resaon You Should Smile all the Time

‘Restructuring Nigeria’, the Convenient Chant for Political Opportunists

Rethinking the doctors’ sack

Returning Port Harcourt to yesteryears of fear

5 Return Policies You Should Know When Shopping Online

Revealed: How Remaining Chibok Girls May Never Return

Review: The Classified Site, Mobofree!

My Challenges with Rhesus Factor in Pregnancy and How I Overcame It

Ribadu and pragmatic politics

Ribadu finally-we-are-back at yesterday  

Ribadu: How to con a cop

Ribadu neither saint nor Renegade

Road Traffic Accidents and Public Health

Roger Federer Wins 6th Australian Open to Reach 20 Grand Slam Titles 

See Gernot Rohr’s 30-man Super Eagles List for the World Cup

Romantic Restaurants To Take Your ‘Bae’ on Val’s Day In Lagos

Roma Set to Sign Nigerian OAP Mark ‘Dsoulja’ Otabor after this Incredible Commentary 

Ronaldo Borrows Doctor’s Phone to Check Damage to Face in Football Match

Ronaldo Won FIFA Best Player Award Despite Mikel Obi Voting for Messi

Rumours of Arsenal Legend, Emmanuel Eboue Having HIV Emerge

See the 23-Man List of Players for Russia in Russia 2018

Russia will Play Saudi Arabia in the Opening Match of Russia 2018

Samson Abioye, Pass.Ng CEO, Slumps, dies at 25

The Sacramento Dentistry Group Talks Benefits Between Interdental Brushes and Floss

Samsung Releases ‘Killer’ Ad Mocking iPhone X

Police Explain Why Saraki has Been Invited for Questioning

Saraki Invites Emmanuella to Senate as She Lands Disney Gig

Read Saraki’s Full Statement on Blockade of National Assembly by DSS

Is Sat Guru Maharaj Ji Dead?

Satire: How To Start Your Own Church & Make Lots of Money!

See the 23-Man List of Players for Saudi Arabia in Russia 2018

Save That Money! 6 Practical Tips for the Single Man

Saving Aba shoe makers’ jobs

School Essentials Every Child Must Have Before the Next Academic Year

How much do school supplies cost in Nigeria and in other countries? 

Scrapping the Offices of the Senate President, Deputy Senate President and Deputy Speaker of the House

See the Invention that can Help Solve the Transportation Problem in Lagos 

Season of migration to the North 

SEC Instructs NSE to Place OandO Shares on Technical Suspension

Why Security Cameras are Indispensable

See 4 of the Easiest Foods to Cook

See the 20 Times You Need to Be Silent

See How this African Country Wants to Make Global Telecoms Free and You Can Be Part of It 

See Africa’s Top Dishes as Presented by Jumia

See the Alleged List of Properties Senator Ike Ekweremadu Owns in Dubai, London and Florida

See How Atiku Abubakar Congratulated Super Eagles on Qualifying for World Cup

See the Coolest Dance Routine Ever

See How Cristiano Ronaldo’s Face was Badly Cut Last Night

See the Date, Time and Full List of Matches for Wrestlemania 34

See the Details as Lagos State Government Reduces Land Use Charge (LUC)

See how Donald Trump asked for the Protection of Both Christians and Muslims in Nigeria

See the Entire World Cup Groupings for Russia 2018 World Cup

See the Expected Teams to go through as UCL Round of 16 Draw is Completed

See the Full List of Africa Youth Awards 2016 Winners

See the Goals of Cameroon 1-1 Nigeria World Cup Qualifier in Yaounde

See What Happened when Identical Twins Married another Pair of Identical Twins

See the Less Known African Footballer That is More Expensive Than Eto’o and Drogba 

See the List of 28 Most Published Scholars in Nigeria

See the list of clubs with the highest number of English League Titles

See the List of Countries Your Nigerian Passport can get you into Visa-free

See the List of Most Influential Young Africans in 2017

See List of Nigerians that Want to Be President in 2019

See the List of Top 20 Countries in the World with Highest Birth Rate, No.13 will Surprise You 

See Messi’s Hat Trick that Takes Argentina to the World Cup

See the Moment Jarus Met Gernot Rohr

See Murphy Ijemba and the A-Team in Action

See Nigeria’s Starting 11 Against England

See Pictures of Healthy Yusuf Buhari as He Returns to Nigeria after Motor bike Accident 

See the Plight of African Migrants Being Sold as Slaves in Libya

See Popular Actress Ibinabo Fibresima’s Campaign Poster

See What President Buhari Has Been Doing in Ebonyi State

See How President Buhari Left London

See how the Reconstructed Stamford Bridge will Look Like as Chelsea’s New Home

See What Robert Mugabe Looked Like When He was Young

See Senator Bassey Albert’s Picture without a Shoe

See Senator Dino Melaye’s Pirates of the Caribbean themed birthday pictures that got Nigerians talking

See the Shocking Moment Israeli Soldiers Allegedly Steal Fruit from a Palestinian Vendor 

See what a snake has swallowed this time around

See the 5 Food Combinations that May Affect Your Health

See the Country President is Visiting this Time

See the ‘Oldest Twins’ in the World

See the Top 4 Most Eaten Foods in the World

See the Top 10 Most Influential Websites in Nigeria

See How Victor Moses Copied Mbappe to Score Against Cameroon

See Video of Huge Gas Explosion in Accra, Ghana 

Selasi Fashion Show Season 3 Set to Hold in Abuja

Selfies So Beautiful, Battery So Powerful; The New Gionee A1 is Set to Amaze You 

Senate Accuses Senator Omo-Agege of Stealing Mace and Treason

The Senator Dino Melaye Circus

Send Money for Free to Any Bank … No Tokens, Apps Or Wallet System

See the 23-Man List of Players for Senegal in Russia 2018

Seriously, is this government fighting corruption?

Dear Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Take Your Menu Online To Become A Sustainable Business 

We Set-up Rogue Centres to Catch Exam Cheats- JAMB

How To Set up The Perfect Home Work Station

Sheik Gumi’s advice to Jonathan

Shocking Percentage of Nigerians don’t have Access to Sanitation as Country Lags Behind Others

Shocking Reactions to the Question: Who is the Central Bank Governor?

Shocking: See How Patience Jonathan’s Multi-million Naira Property in Abuja was Demolished

The Shocking Similarities of the Bank Robberies in Offa and Iwo

Read the Shocking Story about an Accident by RRS Commander in Lagos (See Picture)

Shooting your shot: A different perspective

6 Reasons to Shop on Jumia During its 6th Anniversary.

Should Christians fight wars

Should We Pray to Win or Play to Win

Side Hustle Ideas 2019 – Need A Premium Side Hustle Idea for Big Profit?

6 Signs of a Bad Phone Battery

Signs Your Startup is Ready To Raise Capital

The Similarities and Differences Between Island and Mainland Real Estate Agents

Simple and short, the Chibok girls show Nigeria as a failed state

Simple Hotel Etiquettes For Guests

Simplifying businesses in Nigeria

Six Things Nigerians Should Not Do on A Flight 

“Slavery has no Place in our World’-United Nations Secretary-General 

Smart Tips to Help You Sleep Faster and Better

SMEs As the Key to Unlock Nigeria’s Economic Potentials

Social Media Leaked Photos and the Rise of Celebrity Culture

Sofly, Sofly Madam Jonathan

Sola Salako Ajulo Slams Gov. Tambuwal over Claims of FG Doing ‘Nothing’ in Sokoto

Nigerian Soldiers: Heroes in Time of Terror

Some Great African kings from the Past that You Probably Did not Know

Someone’s Taking Port Harcourt back to chaos and its not pretty

Something worse than Ebola is already here

We are Sorry Abduction of Dapchi Girls Happened- Buhari

Sorry, But PDP Never ‘Won’ Osun-West Senatorial Election

So that the Senate does not become a House of Tin-gods

Sound Sultan, Others celebrate D-Flow as Naijanextrated’s Artiste of the month

Why the Southeast Should Stop Claiming Marginalization

See the 23-Man List of Players for South Korea in Russia 2018

Nigerian Election 2019: Sowore and the Green Lantern theory of the Presidency

SPELL&THRILL!™ 2017 Grand Contest holds December 13

Fallout of Holiday Spend: How to Eat at Work on a Low Budget

The 30-Day Spending Rule to Help You Make the Most of Your Money

Sponsors of Boko Haram and the Future of Nigeria: Another Quodlibet

Spotlighting the Diverse Opportunities in the Nigerian Hospitality Industry

Spurs 1-1 Arsenal: A draw that will feel like a Defeat for the Gunners

StarTimes Introduces New Daily Plan 

StarTimes have a New Social Media Handler and She is Hilarious

StarTimes Unveils its Full Pay-Per-Day Subscription Options

Key Stats for Online Shopping in Nigeria – What You Need to Know

How to Stay Healthy When You Sit all the Time

Stella Adadevoh: Bury her like a hero

Stephen Davies: Negotiator or whistle blower

Stephen Keshi and Law 47

Stephen Keshi: The wrong coach for the World Cup 

Stephen Odey: The GTBank Seed that is Growing into an Oak

Election 2019: Sterling Bank Sends Staff Home to get PVC 

Still on Buhari and the Northern establishment

Still at the Wedding Party

Stop Destroying Oil Installations, NDDC Chairman Urges Militants 

Why you Should Stop Looking for your Calling

The Touching Story of the Dying Chimpanzee and her Old Friend

The Story of How I Became a Super Saver as a Young Girl

A Story on Why We Should not be Quick to Judge Others by their Appearance

Street Food: How to Avoid Getting Sick

The new Streetwise Artificial Intelligence!

Sultan of Sokoto Announces Sighting of the Moon and Start of Ramadan 1439AH in Nigeria

A Summary of Brain Games for the Elderly

Super Eagles Players Relax with Table Tennis 

Super Eagles: The coach we do not need

How to Support Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Supreme Court Sacks Sheriff, Affirms Makarfi as Authentic PDP Chairman

Six Sure Hacks For Travelling During Ramadan (Fasting)

Surprising Ways to Enjoy Nigerian Jollof Rice

How to Survive a Trip To Lagos on Less than $10 a Day 

Surviving January: Getting over the Money hang-over

Surviving the Menace of ‘Tipping’ at the Lagos Airport 

Sustaining Fashola’s strides in Lagos

Suzan Ade Coker of Rant HQ –The Story of Ignorance, Arrogance and Greed?

Sylvester; Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs do not make a strong man

Take Back Nigeria Movement Denies Sowore Orange Seller Publicity Stunt

Taking TV stations out for a dance

TANOE celebrates 60 Outstanding SMEs in Ghana 

Tasty Foods from Eastern Nigeria 

Tasty Foods For The Northern Nigeria Traveller

Tax compliance gets easier for companies, but new data highlights post–filing challenges across the world Africa is still a difficult region for paying taxes – PwC

TeachersAroundMe, the Nigerian Startup that is Redefining the Educational Sector

Use these Teaching Methods to Become a Better Teacher

See Teams Outfits at Russia Airport for World Cup

Tech Innovations That Can Help Tackle Youth Unemployment In Nigeria

Common Tech Mistakes That Are Limiting Your Business Potentials

Meet the Young Tech Entrepreneur that is Running for President in Nigeria

Telecom and Media Leaders Meet in London to Assess Global Investment, M&A Plans

Telecom revolution and the threat of phone jamming device

Teleleology Emerges Preferred Bidder for 9Mobile

Tell! Launches Editing Service During Strike Period

Tell Us Where Abubakar Shekau is and Get N3 million- Nigerian Army 

Territories, Territorial Spirits and Spiritual Warfare

Terrorism is the Bane of Africa’s Tourism Growth – Report

Terrorism: King Abdullah was sending a message to Nigeria too

Testosterone and its Importance in Our Body


That presidential kolanut gift to chibok girls parents

The Ameyo Adadevoh I knew

The Australian and Boko Haram

The Benefits of Sadness

The Bible: A book of wheat and weeds

The burden and joys of manufacturing

The burden of love and the mystery of separation

The cash, the jet and Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

The chameleon in Gov. Theodore Orji

The Dangers of Cultism

The Emergence of Donald Trump and a New World Order

The endorsement of Jonathan

The engineering of change 

The evolution of Nigeria’s politics and APGA’s defection crisis

The father, the sons and the Afrobeat spirit

The Future of Digital Payment is Now!

The Future of Learning and Teaching in education

The gods must be crazy

The grave allegations of Stephen Davis

The ideal Nigerian president

The lamentations of a former team Ribadu’ member

The leadership we desire

The military stand accused of sponsoring Boko Haram 

The most corrupt people in Nigeria?

The North-east travels solo

The Northerners’ nonsense must stop

The North, Jonathan and verdict of history

The Nuhu Ribadu formula

The Opportunity Cost of Doing Business for SMEs in Africa

The paradox of passion

The PDP performance media-tour in Abia

The pornocracy of Shekau and Shekarau

The power and limits of stoma-structure

The Power of Words

The quest for a new world caliphate 

The siege against Borno

The roles of voluntary uniformed clubs

The sweet thing about recent political defections in Nigeria

The Thing About ‘Ghosting’ 

The Tinubu Rhetoric: My Response

The titanic battle for Osun state

The Value of the Bible

The wonders of Jonathan’s transformation programme

Things that Cause Regret in Old Age

Things To Do Before Expanding Your Business Into A New Market

Things To Look For When Booking A Nigerian Hotel

Things To Do If You Lose Access To Your Money While Travelling

Here Are The Things To Never Do When Booking A Luxury Hotel

Things You Should Never Do When You Return from Holiday Break

Things A Newbie Should Know About Travelling Abroad

Things Nigerians Travelling to Dubai Can Do for Free

3 Things Not to Buy in January

Things To Do Before Selling Your Phone

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Travel

Things You Think You Need to Travel But Actually Don’t

Things To Do When Travelling With A Disabled Person

Five Exciting Things You Can With a Virtual Reality Headset

Things to Do When You’re Starting a Diet

A Few Thoughts on Coke, Pepsi, Richard Branson and NAFDAC

Three Easy and Effective Time Management Strategies

Thrilling Things to do These Eid Holidays

Tigo Ghana CEO, Roshi Motman Receives WomanRising Top Corporate Women Leaders Award

“Time to Build a New World”, Read Governor Willie Obiano’s Speech as He Wins Anambra Election 

Time Management for a Better Lifestyle

Applying Time Management to Money Managemen

It is Time to Tame the Depravity in Our Society

Tinapa Resort: Where Business Meets Leisure

Tinubu Releases Touching Statement on Death of Son

TIP OF THE WEEK: The Beauty of Fish Oil

10 Tips to get the Best out of the Blessed last 10 Nights of Ramadan

Tips For Connecting With the Right Target Audience on Social Media

Tips To Eat Your Way To A Smooth Skin

Tips And Hacks For Setting Up Your Home Gym

7 Tips for a Better Social Media Live Broadcast

Tips for a Strong Hotel Social Media Page

20 Tips to Make life Easier

Tips for Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Today in History: Events That Took Place on 15th of March

Today Motion AI Launches Chatbot Store

To live is easy, to die is difficult

Tom Ikimi’s lengthy chronicle of falsehoods, cheap blackmail and abuse

Top 3 Auction Companies Nigerians Buy Tokunbo Cars From

Top 3 Tips for Brand Building and Business Marketing with Snapchat in Nigeria

Top 4 Solutions to Common Mobile Network Issues Faced In Nigeria

Top 5 African Safari Destinations For An Unforgetable Getaway

Top 5 Best Selling Laptops on Jumia Market in 2016

Top 5 Fashion Fails Stylish Women Never Make

Top 5 Luxurious Hotels for Power Visitors to Abuja

Top 5 Places that tell the history and reveal the Culture of the Igbo

Top 5 Reasons to Use Technology in the Classroom

Top 5 Restaurants To Eat Like A Local In Abuja

Top 5 Secrets on How to Keep Your Valuables Safe in a Hotel Room

Top 5 Truths About the Dark Web

Top 5 Ways to Conquer Long Queues at Nigerian Airports

Top 5 Ways To Identify Fake News Online

Top 7 Reasons Nigerians ‘Love’ Apple iPhone

Top 10 Businesses You Can Do to Survive Recession in Nigeria

Top 10 Contenders for the Presidency in 2019 if President Buhari Fails to Run

Top 10 Eid Mubarak Tweets from Around the World

Top 10 Lies that Mavrodians Told Themselves Before MMM Crashed

Top 10 Most Outstanding Young Designers of The Year 2016

Top 10 Questions Arising from President Buhari’s Health-Induced Leave 

Top 10 Questions for MMM Subscribers (Mavrodians) to Answer

Top 10 Quotes of Stephen Hawking as He Dies at 76

Top 10 Sources that Liars Misrepresent for their Lies 

Top 10 Takeaways from Nigeria’s Loss to Argentina and Elimination from Russia 2018 

Top 10 Tweets as Ahmed Makarfi is Declared Authentic PDP Chairman

Top 10 Tweets on World Jollof Rice Day

Top 10 Tweets as Zlatan Ibrahimovic Signs New Deal with Manchester United

Top 10 Most Unexpected Things that Happened in 2016

Top-Ranked eLearning Courses from Bigger Brains Now Available Free Through Jan. 31

Top Reasons To Use Airplane Mode Even When You’re Not Flying

See the List of All Time Top Scorers at the World Cup

Top Tips For Pregnant Travellers

See the Top 15 Universities with Highest Number of Nobel Laureates

Towards achieving an HIVAIDS-free generation

The Tragedy of a Good Wife

The Tragic Love Story of a Lawyer and Truck Driver 

The Travails of a Muslim Hijabi Nigerian Lawyer 

The Travails of Nigerian Women

Travel Agency to Mark 400th Anniversary of Slaves to US with Historic Trip to Africa

Travel Blogger, Amarachi Shares Her Experiences in Nigeria and 18 Other Countries 

Travel goals for 2019: What you should start doing to achieve your 2019 travel goals.

How to Travel Nigeria in 7 days

Travel Trend 2017: Hyper Personalization in the Travel Industry 

See the Top Trending Searches on Google in Nigeria for 2018

Trends to watch out for in the next few months

Trendy Suits for Men About To Make A Bold Move 

Trevor Noah Voted 2016 Most Influential Young South African

Tribute to Atiku Abubakar

Tribute to Wale Tinubu @ 50

True Charity Seeks No Recognition

Donald Trump Threatens Countries that fail to Support North American Bid to host 2026 World Cup

TSTV Denies Copyright Infringement

TSTV Management Meets Governor Okorocha, Seeks Partnership

TSTV Reassures Nigerians of November 1 Date for Commercial Operations

TSTV Reveals How Nigerians Can Watch Its Channels for Free

How TSTV is Set to Change Your Internet & Satellite Television Experience

TSTV to Start Selling Decoders on November 1 as DStv Introduces Paused Subscription

TSTV’s Technical Partner in Bid to Outwit DSTV Unveiled

TuBaba Joins Activists to Protest Killings in Nigeria with #NigeriaMourns Campaign

Turkish President, Erodogan Congratulates Buhari on his Recovery at Eid

How To Turn Seasonal Online Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers

See the Tweet that Captures what Iceland Achieved by Drawing 1-1 with Argentina

Top 12 Tweets as Nigerians Remember MKO Abiola and his June 12 Mandate

“Twitter is not Friendly like Instagram” – MC Oluomo Cries Out

See the Type of Husbands and Wives that are Out There

UAE Set to Review Visa System to Attract Exceptional Talents

UBA Ghana CEO, Abiola Bawuah Receives WomanRising Top Corporate Women Leaders Award 

UBTH Doctors to Patients: We Cannot Guarantee Your Treatment Due to Management Incompetence

Uganda Introduces Social Media Tax

How Uganda’s Health Minister Bursted Corrupt Health Workers Using Hijab 

University of Ibadan Ole Caucus: Crossing the Bridge and Burning it Down

See the Ultimate Car for Nigerian Roads

The Ultimate JAMB Question We Should all Solve

The Ultimate Tip on How You Can Get Tax Exemption Like TSTV

Ultimate Tips for Surviving Overnight Bus Trip

ICCA/Umunna Blasts South-East Senators and House members Over Enugu Airport

Understanding the Economics of Tourism in Nigeria 

UNESCO: No Society will Flourish without Empowering Girls

“You are an ungrateful people not worth fighting for”, Lawyer slams Nigerians over attacks on Festus Keyamo (SAN)

UNILAG Becomes First University to Get TV Licence as Buhari Gives Approval

United States Condemns Abduction of Dapchi School Girls by Boko Haram

United States Embassy Confirms President Buhari will be Meeting Donald Trump on April 30

United Premier Soccer League Announces Baltimore United FC as New Expansion Team

The US is Already in a Trade War, and Only Consumers Can Win It, Author Says

Useful Tips To Consider Before Buying A Second-hand Laptop   

United States Embassy Congratulates Nigerian Youths over Signing of “Not Too Young to Run” Bill into Law

Using the Nollywood Model to Revive the Nigerian Economy

What do you Value Most in Life? This Story will Shock You

Vice President Osinbajo: Those Who Carried Out Looting of this Country Must Be Held to Account 

See Vice President Yemi Osinbajo about to Score a Goal

How Victoria Island, Glover Street, Milverton Road and Other Foreign-Named Areas in Lagos Derived Their Names

Victory Speech by Ghana’s President-Elect, Nana Akufo-Addo

Watch Video of Crowd that Turned up for Atiku’s Rally in Kano

Watch Video on Donald Trump’s Career in the WWE

Video: How Governor Obaseki walked BEDC MD Out of Office

Video: Mo Ibrahim Slams Africans for Electing Elderly Leaders

Violence Mars Election in Ago Okota Area of Lagos

How a Cheap Virtual Assistant Services Can Help Expand Business

Visa Application Tips Every Nigerian Should Know

Visa on Arrival Will Boost Inbound Tourism Revenue – Jumia MD

Volunteer Moderators Wanted

Waiting for Tambuwa

Wanted in Nigeria: A new response to street protests in Nigeria

Want To ACHIEVE Your New Year’s Resolution This Time?

Watch 2 Reports on the ‘Badoo’ Menace in Ikorodu (Graphic) 

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