Commonwealth Chess Championship begins in 2019

Commonwealth chess championship

The Commonwealth Chess Championship has started in Delhi. The championship started on the guidelines of the Delhi Chase Association. The tournament started with Indian Grandmaster Abhijit Gupta, which has 2606 points. Abhijit Gupta was the winner of the Commonwealth Chess Championship and he appeared in the same match in the same match.
This tournament was inaugurated by Bharat Singh Chauhan, Chairman of the Commonwealth Chess Association.Which Chess Game Sets Are Most Popular?

There are a few sets that go all through prevalence, for example, Star Wars sets, or sets where every one of the pieces are identified with a specific motion picture, timespan, or subject. However, there are a few sets, for example, the American History-themed set that is in every case mainstream, particularly among individuals who truly make the most of their American history.

On the off chance that you shop on the web, you will find that there are a wide range of sorts of topics, for example, dream chess sets, common war chess sets, and even those that speak to figures in medieval or renaissance times. This truly adds a totally new and fun angle to the game.

Shouldn’t something is said about Chess Game Sets for Children?

When you are playing with kids, you have to ensure that the pieces are huge enough so they won’t swallow them, and they ought to likewise be huge enough so their minor fingers can move them around. Chess isn’t, for the most part, thought of as a game for more youthful kids, however, it tends to be a good time for them to play with the pieces.