E-Commerce is No Longer Optional, It’s Unavoidable, According to ERP Advisors Group


ERP Advisors Group recently hosted a conference call on Thursday, May 28, to provide guidance on the changing customer experience and how to find the best e-commerce software in 2020.

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Shawn Windle, the founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, noted that companies of every type have been forced to reconsider their e-commerce strategy, whether that means a new implementation or optimization of existing solutions.

“E-commerce is not optional anymore,” he said. “Businesses and even non-profit organizations can no longer just rely on in-person interactions. We’ve had clients that used to do door-to-door sales that are now moving everything online.”

When asked if there is an e-commerce solution for everyone, Windle explained that there are many sophisticated solutions available, with different tiers of e-commerce software for different sizes of organizations.

“You have to be honest about what you are trying to achieve with your e-commerce site, and then match that to a solution that can actually do what you really need,” he said. “It is important to understand your processes and requirements in detail before you start looking at any kind of solution.”

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