Experts Advocate Acquiring Relevant Skills During and After Covid-19 Lockdown

Suraj Oyewale speaking

Top professionals have advised people to seek new skills and focus on industries that will be relevant in the workplace or in high demand in a post Covid-19 world. Such skills and include, digital marketing, agriculture, logistics, tech skills especially related to big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and telemedicine.

These are some of the tips given by top professionals at the Job Search and Retention in a Post-Covid World webinar hosted by JarusHub in its Career Club on Telegram last Wednesday evening.

The resource persons include Suraj ‘Jarus’ Oyewale, Founder/CEO of JarusHub, Niyi Yusuf, CEO of Verraki Partners (formerly Accenture Nigeria), Taiwo Oyedele, Founder/President of Impact Africa Foundation, Akeem Oyewale, CEO StanbicIBTC Nominees Limited and Ex-Shell Executive James Odiase. The event was very educative as participants asked different questions which the panel answered with panache.

You can view some of the presentations from the webinar next.