Getting Married during Covid-19

By: Dream Photography

Are you planning on getting married in the near future? Perhaps you were supposed to get married in the past few weeks but have been unable to do so due to the lockdown in South Africa that is still currently in place. If this sounds like you, it has no doubt caused you a lot of stress, anxiety and disappointment over the past 2 months.

What Are Your Options for Getting Married?

While lockdown is not the ideal time in which to get married due to social distancing, you will one day look back on your wedding with great fondness and the fact that you got married during a lockdown will be remembered for generations to come!

Tariq Khan, head wedding photographer at Dream Photography suggests a video conference wedding (using Zoom or similar) which is a great option and allows all your guests to participate, albeit from a distance. Alternatively, you could have a very intimate wedding with members from your household only and an online priest.

As disappointing as having a tiny or video conference wedding many be, remember that the strength of a marriage is not measured by how big or spectacular your wedding was, but by the love you have for each other and how this love will continue to grow over the years.

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