How To Approach Anger Management Therapy


It’s important to recognise and realise we can’t possibly expect to change the actions or reactions of other people – only how we personally are able to respond and react to these intimate, often forced interactions.

Always On Our Best Behaviour – Sound Familiar?

From the earliest age we learn that showing anger is wrong, the concept of the ‘terrible’ twos are all about children having tantrums after all.  But nobody educates us about how to deal with the completely natural emotion of anger and how, when we become congruent with it, it can helpfully inform our integrity and moral compass. All we tend to learn is that anger is bad, we shouldn’t show it and some go as far to teach us that it is wrong even to feel it.

Coping with Anger, Rage and Suppression

As we go through life, the messages about anger being bad or wrong don’t exactly go away. Anger rarely exists on its own but is often the more easily accessed Primary emotion – What might those secondary emotions be? Hurt, betrayal, shame or fear perhaps?

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