Indoor Plants and Fresh Flowers in the Home and Office Boast Physical and Mental Health Benefits

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While the many health benefits of fresh flowers and indoor plants in the home was profiled throughout the lockdowns of 2020, one local business offering flower delivery in Melbourne, Amazing Graze Flowers, has noticed a surge in popularity of indoor plants and fresh flowers in offices in 2021.

The office environment has a big impact on productivity, stress levels and creativity. Indoor plants and fresh flowers at work can boost productivity by reducing stress and anxiety. Scientists believe that all humans have an instinctive need to connect with nature, and therefore, greenery in the office promotes positive feelings, reducing levels of stress hormones.

Indoor plants and fresh flower arrangements with plenty of greenery in the home and office helps to improve physical and mental health by improving air quality. Indoor air pollution caused by cleaning products, air fresheners, perfumes and dust can trigger or exacerbate health problems, such as asthma and headaches.

Amazing Graze Flowers points out that bringing some of the outdoors indoors with plants and fresh flowers can have a huge impact on well-being and even the success of a business. Office plants and floral arrangements help to improve physical health and, as a knock-on effect, reduce sickness rates amongst staff.

Looking at nature in the office and at home can also promote innovation, spark ideas and foster creativity. According to Amazing Graze Flowers, the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Monserta Deliciosa Plant are increasingly popular choices for offices and homes due to their visual appearance.

An office with indoor plants and fresh flowers is also attractive and welcoming for clients and prospective employees. Amazing Graze Flowers points out that plants are a naturally attractive decorative element that can be used to make your office and home space more visually appealing.

Aside from the many mental and physical health benefits of indoor plants and fresh flowers, they also serve a practical purpose. Indoor plants in the office can act as a visual barrier dividing zones in the office, and they can also help with sound pollution that can be an issue in an open-plan design.

Widely known for their fast flower delivery Melbourne-wide, Amazing Graze Flowers can help with custom floral and indoor plant arrangements for the home or office.