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The Road to Victoria Island ebook-cover

JarusHub is Nigeria’s leading career guidance and counseling platform having coached thousands of young Nigerians over the years.

We have 2 eBooks that share life-changing academic and career advancement information that is important for senior secondary students, undergraduates, fresh graduates and young professionals.

Essentially, we believe every young educated Nigerian stands to benefit from our 2 books:

1. The Road to Victoria Island

2. From School to Job: The Complete Guide

Both written by Suraj Oyewale (a.k.a. Jarus) ACA, a 1st Class graduate of Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Chartered Accountant and Oil and Gas professional with close to 15 years’ experience.

How to Become a JarusHub Affiliate

Send your full name, email address, location and phone number to: with the subject: JARUSHUB AFFILIATE.

Please note that our minimum payout amount is N1,000.

We look forward to partnering with and doing business with you.