May our Hope be Truly Renewed!

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

By Taofeek Olatunbosun Azeez

Let me first congratulate all my fellow Nigerians on today’s occasion of another peaceful transition and transmission of power from a democratically elected government to another! This is laudable, commendable and worthy of thanking God the Almighty for His mercy over our dear country, Nigeria!

No doubt, the 2023 presidential election was keenly contested with a lot of intrigues among the three major contenders and their supporters.  But the final result leading to the event of today clearly showed that God has given us the best among all the options that pushed to cross the finishing line on the 25th of February 2023.

I believe that God Almighty does not make mistake and He gives power to whomever he pleases! In the light of this I urge all my fellow citizens to embrace peace, unity, patriotism and spirit of brotherhood! With this, we can be hopeful of prosperity and progress that could lead us to having a Nigeria of our dream! Collectively we make a Nigeria that works for all Nigerians!

Let us all eschew bitterness, bigotry and all vices that could divide us further! In fact, this is the time for us to close ranks and forge ahead in pursuance of our dream of a prosperous Nigeria! We have supported our respective candidates based on our understanding, beliefs and convictions. Now that we have the chosen one being inaugurated today, our role as patriotic citizens is to defend our unity! Let us have faith that our Hope is being renewed effective from today as we play our roles as patriotic citizens!

Nigeria is our homes and the Almighty God has His reasons for making us Nigerians!

Let us go back to our value system and rekindle the spirit of being good ambassadors of our families, states, country, Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Being a good follower will endear good leadership!

To the new set of leaders both at national level and the respective states. You have promised a renewed hope for a secured and prosperous country. Let’s us remember that we are holding our respective positions in trust which should not be betrayed! Nigerians have suffered a series of hardship and tribulations that have made many to lose hope and faith in the country!

Effective from today, we are looking forward to seeing decisions that tend towards a renewed Hope for Nigerians!

Finally, I congratulate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Vice president, Kashim Shettima and all the state governors whether returning or newly elected as they assume office today. We pray that our Hope is truly renewed for a prosperous, peaceful and great Nigeria that we can be proud of!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!