The 9 Most Modern Cities In The World

City of the world

Modernity emerges with the idea of being economically stable and forward in the technical aspects. Whether it’s the social or financial matters, a modern city is the one that covers up everything. Due to the advent of technology and urbanization, most of the towns are in a constant development phase. However, some places occupy the top position in the list already. From quality education to ease of business development, the modernized areas possess it all. Keep reading to know more about the modern cities and the justifications behind it.

Tokyo, The Technical Capital Of Japan



Possessing crowded streets filled with neon lights and skyscrapers that almost touch the sky, the capital of Japan is undoubtedly one new region. In the past years, technology took over this Japanese city in the best possible manner. The town hosts highly advanced smartphones as well as automobile technology. Also, the fact that the majority of the Japanese population is quite productive adds to the modernity. While walking along the bustling streets of Tokyo, you are likely to meet at least one robot.

Along with the technology, Tokyo has an ecstatic architecture boasting contemporary vibes. The city has the busiest intersection named Shibuya Crossing. Being flooded with people, the crossing experiences a load of 1000 people at the same time.

Hong-Kong, City With Drool Worthy Web speed

If you’re someone who wants to begin a business, then there’s no better city than Hong-Kong. Being one of the most modern cities, this Chinese city has all that it takes to support a venture. Along with this, the government of Hong-Kong supports science and technology. Every year, the legislature spends billions of dollars on scientific research and advancements. You can easily find schools that mark the attendance through a unique scanner and not the manual method. A recent study shows that the city has the highest number of Rolls Royce per person. Overall, this Chinese city is advanced when it comes to technology, social-strata as well as education.


San Francisco, City With Social Diversity



Being one of the most diverse cities in the American region, San Francisco excels in terms of technology, as well. The town lies adjacent to the high-tech Silicon Valley. Owing to the modernized nature, most of the big companies reside here. From Apple to Tesla, the town holds the headquarters of every IT company. You can easily experience the modern culture near the Bay Area of this city. However, make sure to gather your stuff and safeguard it using some sturdy roof racks before exploring the city. Once you reach the town, don’t forget to taste the authentic Irish coffee invented in the town.


What makes the city even more urban is productivity and socially diverse culture. However, don’t be surprised by the crowd as the city is the fifth most populated one in the States.

Helsinki, The Scandinavian Techie City

When talking about the modern culture of any region, education appears to be the primary deciding factor. Helsinki, the Scandinavian city in Finland, has one of the best education systems. Also, you can easily find free wi-fi zones across every corner of the street. With its rich culture and broad mindset, the city formed laws accepting same-sex relationships more than fifteen years ago. Along with technology, Helsinki also has a large number of universities providing quality education. Enjoy your stay in the city amidst the enormous buildings and an architect that speaks for itself. However, make sure to pack lots of warmers as the city is the coldest capital in the world.

Seoul, The Tech-Savvy City Of South Korea


Being one of the greatest contributors to the South Korean economy, Seoul is undoubtedly one of the most modern cities. It contributes to 21% of the total GDP and the figure is increasing every day. Also, the city is the pioneer of big tech companies like Samsung. As an alternative to counter the lack of technical knowledge, the government provides second-hand products to families. With its high-tech technical expertise and many organizations, Seoul is likely to be the most urbanized city lately. Along with this, you can find CCTV cameras and wireless internet almost everywhere. When in Seoul, make sure to visit the five famous UNESCO world heritage sites.

London, The British Capital Of Innovation

If there’s one city that tops almost every modernization aspect, then that is the British Capital. Instilled with innovation and technology, London is one of the fastest developing cities of all time. From ancient monuments and heritage to modern buildings and skyscrapers, you can find almost everything here. London has the famous millennium dome that can easily harbor the great pyramids of Giza. As far as the quality of life is concerned, the people residing here adhere to a top-notch lifestyle.

Along with the lifestyle, other areas like transportation are also on a par with one of the best in the world. You can find a train to every other destination in the city. Overall, the city is the epitome of modernity.

Singapore, The City With Free Web



Have you ever heard of any place providing free web services to its citizens? If not, then here’s an addition to your knowledge. Singapore, being one of the most modern cities in the world, provides free rapid web to the people. The city is also home to extensive innovations and technologies like Google. Just a walk by the busy roads will leave you mesmerized and intrigued. Also, you must check out the hotels like SkyPark to experience enthralling and modern vibes.

Tallinn, Gaining Pace In No Time

Most of the cities regarded as highly urbanized ones went through an extensive revolution over centuries. But, this Russian city never got the required time. In Spite of the lack of time, the city emerged as one of the most modern cities in the world. Gaining independence in 1991, the city is now fully equipped with high-tech machines and free web services. You can also find some ultra speed data connections here. This place has the world’s tallest building known popularly as Teletorn. Apart from this, even the architectural aspects are well taken care of by the government.

Bangalore, The Silicon Valley Of India



With the city gaining immense pace in the IT sector, it contributes a great deal towards the Indian economy. Home to big IT companies and innovative start-ups, Bangalore never fails to amaze you. You will also find most of the engineers, entrepreneurs and tech-savvy people doing their bit here. After a day full of work, the youth likes to enjoy the neon nightlife of this city. Along with the technical aspect, Bangalore excels in terms of architecture, social life as well as diversity. With an ever-flourishing IT sector, the city gained the title of being the Silicon Valley of India. From the local beer to astonishing heritage and monuments, you can enjoy everything at a single place.

Final Verdict

While talking about modern cities, one thing that acts as the deciding factor is technology. Places that adapt to innovative technologies can modernize way before others. Tallinn, being the fastest city to modernize, is a live example of this. With free Wi-fi zones and creative initiatives like Skype, the city surely holds a place amongst the developed regions. Apart from this, San Francisco, London, and Seoul are some obvious names on the list. Other factors like history, culture, architecture, and education also govern the modernization of cities. Keeping everything in mind, here’s the list of top nine modern cities.