Nigeria 2023: Think about the South-East

Chinedum Anayo

By Chinedum Anayo

Firstly, the Igbos are a trustworthy group of people and their positive qualities should not be disregarded.

There have been repeated statements that the Igbos don’t deserve presidency and they are not to be trusted.

A renowned party Chieftain had recently stated that the IPOB and its influence in the South-East has complicated the stir of the Igbo extraction to lead the nation in 2023. He also declared that Nnamdi Kanu might play a negative role if the Igbos are elected.

Honestly, predictions have never really solved many problems in this country.

The rise of IPOB should be analyzed sincerely, the reasons behind the surface and then the consensus bared in the psyche of all Igbo’s in Nigeria.

The right of every group lies within the principles of the Constitution.

To maintain social order, according to our constitution, ‘Freedom, Equality and Justice must be overemphasized.

The Chieftain forgot to add that while the Boko Haram of the north were busy causing chaos and anarchy across the region, a northerner was still elected twice.

Our problem in this nation seems to be dishonesty and consistent recklessness. We tend to smile if it favors our interests at the expense of others and we never want to acknowledge the truth about the problems, rather, we go after false hope as a compensation.

Let us begin to look within, let us ask emotional questions and argue selflessly.

Moreover, ‘Put yourself in my shoes’ is a common quote in Nigeria; if we consider how the Nigerian from a different group feels, we might perceive things both equally and carefully.

Personally, I think anyone suitable should be given the opportunity to contest in an election where the citizens must decide who is most suitable.

The Federal Government should converse with the IPOB and see Nnamdi Kanu as a tool for National Reconciliation.