Nigerian Lady Tells Story of how her Father Single-handedly Raised Her and Siblings

Father and son
There are usually a lot of stories about fathers being abusive and irresponsible. However, this does not reflect the entire population, and of course, there are responsible fathers out there, a Twitter user, @AdaObani 
My mum left us when we could barely crawl talk more of walking, I was 1, my elder brother was 2 going to 3 and my younger sister was 7 days, this man left his well paying job to baby sit us and he hasn’t stopped even after 24 years. He will tell us when we were little.
That he can only re-marry when we are settled and now he has an engineer as a son, a health professional and a recent Bsc holder as daughters. When things were a bit tough on us we never knew cos he made sure we weren’t hungry or without clothes or shoes. He bore every pain. 
Sometime last year, I faced a lot of difficulties, I almost felt alone I decided to hear from my dad and what he said was: “why will you be sad for even a day, you have a father that loves you, some people aren’t that privileged”. 
At my old age this man still buys me clothes and shoes, calls me not less than 3 times in a day, let me just tell him I have a slight headache.. Okpari, phone will ring non-stop through out that day till he’s sure I’m alright.
Whenever he calls and my number is on another call, he will always want to know who that person is, if its a guy he wants to know every detail most times I cut him off by saying this guy isn’t my bf or isn’t for marriage he’s just my friend.
Whenever I go visiting him, a pot of soup and stew awaits me with lots of fish and meat, he makes sure he does all the cooking even when I insist he will always hang around giving instructions as if I don’t cook for myself… He’s that lovely❤️
When I was little & on holidays, my dad would wake up early to start sweeping d compound, doing dishes & all and when a neighbour tries to ask why I’m busy sleeping he gives them the award winning excuse of “my daughter has been stressed during the school period so shes resting”.
There were harsh times too like when my dad will set 500 maths questions and ask me to solve them all (thanks to @ObaniChikammadu who always rescued me from maths then). My dad was my personal lesson teacher he learnt physics, chemistry, biology etc just to put I and my brother.. 
Through academically. Without him I won’t have my brains, without him I would have been dead, without him my royal crown would have been dusty, without him I wouldn’t have been this confident. 
I must have typed so much… I have a lot on my mind to type down but I just have to stop here….. 
Let me add here that he’s now a grandfather ????