Reflection; A tape of faith

Light-Bulb faith

We all have an idea of a flawless decision, but having an idea might not be up for grabs making your decision flawless because you want to do something at some point.
We all do ruminate passion for our future, yet we are all not futuristic , not every one of us are meant to get there still amongst us not destined for greatness make it to greatness. It’s not magic, consistency manifested a proceed.

We all want to be considered good because we have a limited perception of bad. I listened to one live program Sadghuru was invited to and he said; we regard people as bad because they do not compliment what we want them to be i.e anything different from what we do or believe it’s regarded bad.
Good and bad are not the measuring of what humans should comprehend, because it’s an imbalance we subjugating to fit in, to be honest we are not coexisting to maze up in that, we could only try to balance using the possibility of our emotions to induce faith.

We often try to fix broken dreams, it’s a good realization wanting to elate a go-ahead , the only thing is fixing things is trying to erase the wound which is impossible, you can heal from your wound but you can’t take the occurrence out of life because once it happens it has; you can prevent things from happening but you can’t eradicate an incident once it happens, it becomes a part of your story. It’s better to avoid trying if you can fix things you will relapse if that’s your thought,it’s best to heal and move on that is redemption.
We all are depreciating of any event that happens with/to us because appreciation,reception of well being is all we want and seems like happiness to us.
The imbalance of an occurrence is a gifted purpose of clarity but it’s become an opinion of good or bad to us because we seem justification a transcending favor.


I have learnt people will hurt, leave, deny, obstruct and deviate on you regardless of what you think or how you feel this is how it’s going to be- believe it or not it doesn’t make them good or bad people ,this just teaches you to embrace yourself better,love yourself joyfully and live life.

Only two things are projected to own up a human’s life; being happy or being miserable, the choice of who you want to be is on you,other things are occurrence of experience, it doesn’t help what decision to take, it’s only an insight of making what’s in a decision which would work for you.

Everyone of us feel entitled to getting motivation from the outside than inwardly encouraging loving our self. You can only get workable with motivation when you love yourself because most motivations want to divert your self love to them; they want to enjoy your succession by what has made you…I’m not saying you shouldn’t be interned, mentored or motivated but you need to be a position that you are the drive alive in your life and not the motivation doing that for you,motivations are meant to give more knowledge of what’s out there, they don’t see what’s in you only you see that but if you don’t output yourself you can understand to be motivated.