Tips On Turning Your Living Room Into an In-Home Theater with Surround Sound

Home theater
By: Grand Slam A/V and Security

Whether you like to entertain friends, gather the family for quality time, or just cuddle up with your significant other, one thing is certain: there is nothing better than staying home to watch a movie. Aside from pizza and popcorn, only one thing could make the experience better, and that’s a top-of-the-line surround sound system.

Regardless of the size of your living room or media room, there is a surround sound system that will meet your needs. Consider three or four simple additions to your current set-up: perhaps a sound bar under the television, a subwoofer for those action explosions or mood setting bass tones in the musical score, and a few smaller, hidden speakers to immerse movie-watchers in the full sound experience. Even the smallest of rooms could benefit from this type of configuration.

Enhancing In-Home Media Rooms

If your home is like many newer construction builds, you have a dedicated family or media room already. Or, you may have recently renovated your historic home or upgraded a bonus room to bring more entertainment space to the home. These larger media rooms open up a huge variety of options for your surround sound needs.

Again, the size and construction of the room may dictate the equipment you choose. For instance, homes with excellent acoustics already present may require fewer pieces in order to achieve the desired effect. A solution that includes the soundbar, subwoofer, and four or five wall-mounted satellite speakers will have you feeling like you’re truly part of the action. The best brands—such as Bose or Klipsch—can provide room-shaking effects that will have your guests talking about your epic movie nights for months.

Spring For Connectivity

Your options really are endless when it comes to in-home surround sound, and some of those options are better than others. Before you make a purchase, be sure to shop around for the features that will best benefit you and your specific needs. For instance, there are several surround sound options that provide fully wireless connectivity through Bluetooth.

Several of the surround sound options available will also connect through Bluetooth or WiFi to other devices in your home, such as iPods and iPhones, laptops and desktops, and tablets.

Finally, strongly consider having a professional install your system. You’re certain to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Wouldn’t you rather start watching a movie right away instead of struggling to make your new system work as it should?