Uba Sani: The Making of a Political Messiah


By: Sani Abdulrazak

Senatorial zones in Nigeria are typically made up of a group of local government areas in a particular state and are represented by a senator at the National Assembly. The raison d’etre is proper representation and consolidation of democratic dividends. Kaduna central senatorial district comprises seven local government areas and covers the heart of the state and the seat of power. Being one of the most populous and consistently rapid growing zone, understandably so due to its cosmopolitan set up, it therefore necessitates the need to at all times do more in terms of housing, unemployment, education, healthcare and other basic welfare needs in order to meet up with the pace of its development.

Since our return to democracy twenty years ago, like other senatorial districts of the country, we have had senators representing the good people of Kaduna central at the National Assembly. But our representation has been at best sterile such that the fallacy of their ideas was visible to blind and audible to the deaf. Human capital development was at its lowest ebb, with very little to show in terms of opportunities and constituency projects. Some of the past senators were empty of ideas and seeking avenues for a purge; for catharsis, others were meek and directionless probing with hesitance that were punctuated by controversies and glorious rhetoric as cover up. The grand symbol of the inertia was their lethargy, incompetence and obfuscation towards education, youth empowerment and skill acquisition that reek in the dark alleys and streets of Kaduna metropolis in the form of a monster called “Sara-Suka” which are small groups of weapon wielding, despondent and flagrantly nefarious youths that attack communities leading to destruction of lives and properties.

The general elections early this year offered us another chance to put the past behind us and change the parlous state of things. We collectively did so by electing Senator Uba Sani to represent Kaduna central senatorial district at the National Assembly. Though his reputation preceded him, coupled with the fact that he was endorsed by his Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kaduna state, Malam Nasiru El-Rufai, whom the people of the state are witnessing firsthand how he is making Kaduna great again, the people were however less optimistic ab-initio about Senator Uba Sani and rightly so because of their senescent representation.

I have exorbitant expectations for change, and perhaps it is too early to run a judgement report. But in the few months since he assumed office, he has set the ball rolling and immediately he is setting himself far apart. He rolled out a roadmap on how to achieve his objectives. If his intelligently pieced manifesto was wonderful, implementing it is becoming blisteringly extraordinaire. He proved to us that achieving our goals were anything but rocket science as we were forced to accept in the past.

Senator Uba Sani assembled a team of vibrant, talented and intelligent youths, whose track records and capabilities were not – nor have ever been in question, to work with in order to achieve his goals. They are not at any time oblivious of the challenges before them. They are reaching out to the downtrodden, solving the mystery of unemployment through skill acquisition, trainings, mentorship and also funds for business start ups. I must admit that they are not only delivering, but exceeding expectations. Senator Uba Sani’s courage, resolve and determination at reaching out to the internally displaced persons of villages in Igabi local government area displaced by banditry and the efforts aimed at restoring peace to these communities did not go unnoticed.

Sharing the vision of our founding fathers; the collapse of education is the collapse of a nation. It is no surprise that most notable of all his achievements so far was a bill he sponsored seeking to establish Federal College of Education Giwa, hitherto treated as a mirage. This will go a long way at bridging the literacy gap in not only Kaduna central or the entire state, but Northern Nigeria as a whole. It will also immensely boost economic activities in the region thereby creating both direct and indirect employment which is highly beneficial to the senatorial district. Sir, the good people of Kaduna central are immensely grateful.

He has fully awakened the hope in us for good representation and the journey has only begun. A lot still needs to be done especially in the areas of education, through scholarships both domestic and foreign, skill acquisition, youth empowerment, housing, security and basic healthcare. The people of Kaduna central now have no doubt senator Uba Sani will deliver on his promise and much more.

Right now, there are a whole lot of expectations on the distinguished senator, justifiably so because he has done so much in such a little period of time. He has made us realize that there is just one caveat to proper representation; putting the people first. The distinguished senator has brought the good people of Kaduna central fresh hope and belief. He is the genteel, pragmatic and forthright senator they feel is everything his predecessors weren’t and it peeves us to reminisce the past. It can only get better apparently, and Senator Uba Sani can always count on the peoples support. And to the microscopic few, who are still too tranquilized in their own measured reservations about the giant strides this early, just wait; it will soon be at a theatre near you.

Sani Abdulrazak is a Technologist with Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and can be reached via email at sazzak175@gmail.com

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