What is your Leadership style?

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By: VinPro Coaching

This article helps you in assessing your leadership style. It will help you in mapping your style based on purpose vs. people skills.

Leadership styles are behavioral traits and personalities which are consistently exhibited by leaders in various situations.

These styles can be divided into 4 quadrants showing the Leader’s predominant style:
• Purposeful
• Inspirational
• Considerate
• Organized

Purposeful Leader:
· Ensures that results are effective
· Focuses on inventing more than improving
· Challenges norms, anticipates and removes obstacles
· Values intellectual competence

Inspirational Leader:
· Ensures results are in line with values
· Focuses on helping people grow
· Champions the team to achieve results
· Values making a difference

Considerate Leader:
· Ensures that results help people
· Focuses on listening and on sharing information
· Is quick to praise, thank and reward
· Values the individual

Organized Leader:
· Ensures clear objectives, procedures and measures
· Focuses on continuous improvement
· Has a disciplined and efficient approach
· Values logic & physical competence

Leadership Divergence > these are polarities which drive outcomes:

Strategic Leadership        > Focused on vision, values, mission. Designs changes
Collaborative Leadership >  Brings out the best in people. Inspires transformation
Directive Leadership        >  Clear and firm. Helps overcome inertia
Tactical Leadership          >  Monitors key task details. Causes incremental improvement

Too much & Too little of Leadership styles:
Un-Purposeful Leaders are AIMLESS
Over-Purposeful Leaders are FANATICAL
Un-Inspirational Leaders are DULL
Over-Inspirational Leaders are MESMERIZING
Un-Considerate Leaders are HARSH
Over-Considerate Leaders are GULLIBLE
Un-Organized Leaders are CHAOTIC
Over-Organized Leaders are MECHANISTIC

If you consider the Leadership style map on an (X,Y) axis; and max value of X and Y is 3, then:
FANATICAL would be (-3,3)
MESMERIZING would be (3,3)
GULLIBLE would be (3,-3)
MECHANISTIC would be (-3,-3)

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