What Married Couples Can Learn from WhatsApp Groups


Nafula invited her husband to the WhatsApp Marriage Seminar.

Her husband was reluctant to go. “What kind of a name is WhatsApp Marriage Seminar? Come on, are we kids being taught how to use a chatting App?” he mocked.

Eventually, he agreed to attend the seminar.

At the seminar, Nafula’s husband sat many seats behind her. Others attendants had couples equipped with note books; Nafula’s husband had his hands defensively folded.

“How many here are on WhatsApp?” the counsellor who was facilitating the seminar asked.

Every one raised up their hand apart from Nafula’s husband.

“Are you on WhatsApp sir?” the counsellor asked Nafula’s husband.

Nafula’s husband nodded.

“The person who forms a WhatsApp Group is referred to as?” the counsellor asked the attendants.

“The Admin” some of the attenants confidently answered.

“Who manages a WhatsApp Group making sure the Group has direction?” the counsellor asked.

“The Admin” more attendants answered.

“Correct. If the Admin forms a Group and adds people to it, then neglects the Group, what will happen to the Group?” asked the counsellor.

“The Group will become dead and dormant” one attendant answered.

“Great” said the counsellor.

“The Group will have posts and messages not fit for the Group” another attendant said.

“Meaning the Group will lack direction?” asked the counsellor.

“Yes!” many agreed.

“In the Group, a member or members might emerge to steer the Group” another attendant contributed.

“But even that member might try their best but if they are not made an Admin by the main Admin their powers will be limited, right?” asked the counsellor.

“Right!” a majority of the attendants agreed.

“What if the Admin adds a rogue person to the Group them makes that rogue person an Admin? The rogue person then starts posting irrelevant and unpleasant things, the members complain but their complaints go unheard. What will happen?” asked the counsellor.

“The members will click left and leave the Group” an attendant said.

There was laughter.

The counsellor smiled then continued, “Same thing applies in marriage. Husbands, you are the ones who pursued the woman and made her your wife and started this Group called family. You are the Admins”

The husbands paid attention.

The counsellor continued, “As Admins of your families, husbands you need to give direction. Articulate a vision for your marriage and family. Be present, be active and visible in your family. If you ignore your family, it will become dormant and won’t make much progress. The members of your family might try their best but your leadership is needed”

The counsellor paced then he spoke some more, “Husbands, give your wives the power to be Co-Admins with you not just a member of your family. Involve your wife in decision making and leadership, don’t demean or sit on your wife. She wants to do alot but without Admin powers, her impact and influence is limited”

The counsellor paced looking at the attendants, “Husbands, don’t give another woman the role of Admin. Any other woman is a rogue woman. Don’t have an affair and give her powers. She will come into your life and introduce irrelevant and unpleasant things, your wife and children will complain about the rogue woman and if you don’t listen to their complaints, your wife and children will click left and leave the Group. That is how families break”

The attendants clapped for the lesson.

The counsellor continued with the seminar teaching on how to build strong marriages.

In the car, as Nafula and her husband drove home. Nafula’s husband said, “Thank you for bringing me to the seminar. I am sorry I have not been a good Admin. I will remove the rogue woman you have been complaining about, she has to leave our Group. I will give our family direction and give you full powers as my co-Admin. Thank you for not leaving our Group”

Nafula rubbed her husband’s shoulder and said “I love you my Admin. Let us restore our Group.

Editor’s note: This is from an anonymous source.