A Nigerian Couples’ Tips for Overcoming Infertility

Disclaimer: This post is not from a medical practitioner nor is it to be seen as expert health advice. It is purely for information purposes. See your doctor if you need proper medical advice on this and other health issues.

Reproduction often needs the extra work of both parties when the child has not come as quickly as expected but there are things both spouses can do to help:

Tips for the Man

1. Recognise Her Fertility Window

Recognize the women’s fertile window and ensure that there is quality sex during this period. Don’t see it as work, make genuine love to each other. Getting pregnant is an additional blessing. The legitimate sex with pleasure is the first blessing. Minimum of 10 days a month is a good start for a couple serious about conceiving a child. At least 6 of those days should be in the women’s fertile window.

2. Awesome 3 Combo

The men should invest in Walnut, Dates (Dabinu) and Vitamin E. These should be taken daily if possible. In three months of consistent usage, your husband won’t be the same sexually In Shaa Allah. Jokes apart, I recommend fufu for men to increase energy and starch content good for sperm. In this regard, pap is another excellent meal for boosting sperm especially the white one. Those old papas that used to drink white pap know what they were doing.

3. Zinc is Important
Supplements that contain Zinc are also helpful, don’t ignore them.

4. Vitamin C is Your Friend

Take a lot of fruits rich in Vitamin C and take tablets if for whatever reason you cannot get or eat enough fruits

5. No to Hot Showers

The man should avoid warm or hot showers. Unless you are living in a very cold country avoid hot baths or even warm ones. The man’s testicles need cool environment to produce quality sperm.

6. No laptops on the Lap

This slowly but surely decreases the quality of sperm in a man. The man should avoid this, find a laptop table.

7. Remember to Live

Do other important things in life that are not tied to having children, you might not have the time when the child eventually comes. Now, is the time to get those things done.

Tips for the Woman

1. Study Your Fertility Window and Keep Tabs with your Husband

Your fertility window is the period you are most likely to get pregnant. You need to study this and ensure you and your husband plan to have sex almost every day of the fertility window. The more the sex, the higher the chances of getting pregnant.

2. Don’t Be Shy

Make sure you are copulating well and try different styles with your husband. Don’t be shy, sex is natural and the more you enjoy it, the higher your chances of getting pregnant. Let your husband to learn how best to get you orgasms. It helps to make you relaxed and puts you in a positive mood. Just the kind of vibe you need for pregnancy.

3. Lie Down a Bit

Don’t be in a hurry to stand up after sex. Relax, you can raise your legs up for a while before cleaning. It’s not rocket science. You want some of that sperm to reach the “promised land”. Standing up early might make it just a bit more difficult.

4. Eat Okra

Try eating lots of Okra in your diet. Chop some of it, and soak in clean water overnight. When you wake up in the morning, drink it. This comes highly recommended by naturopathic believers.

5. Take Your Supplements

Important for your continued good health are vitamins, find a nice supplement for women and take it frequently.

6. Read No. 7 tip for men

Ultimately, if the infertility is not caused by a medical condition in one or both spouses, these tips can help a lot.

I can’t stress enough how important having frequent sex on days of the fertility window of the woman is monitor consistently and don’t fail in this regard.

Finally, know that only Allah can provide a child. Pray to him with sincerity and without losing hope. Accept our prayers and support that you shall have your own child soon by Allah’s infinite Grace and Mercy.