Reasons Why Nigeria is a Great Destination For Doing Business

destination for doing business

Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.121 trillion as well as the largest population in the continent with over 190 million inhabitants. Hence, it is a viable and profitable destination for doing business despite the herd of challenges.

This is reflected in the success stories of not only indigenous companies but also foreign businesses that started small, weathered different kinds of storms, became market leaders in their various fields and are now full-fledged Nigerian or African companies.

A good example is Jumia, the no 1 shopping destination in Nigeria, which started in the country in 2012. Over a period of 6 years, the eCommerce company has grown and expanded to 13 other countries in Africa and now offers different services and product lines to tens of thousands of customers. Amazingly, ‘this Nigerian company’ recently became the first African tech company to list on the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange.

To a great degree, there are so many good reasons why Nigeria is an awesome destination for business. We discuss some of these reasons.

Over 100 million customers waiting for you

There are over 190 million people resident in Nigeria and the Nigerian population is predicted to overtake that of the United States by 2050. Now what this means, in essence, is that the market is big enough to absorb any legal product, provided enough marketing and awareness is created. So, you can bring your money to Nigeria and be rest assured that you have waiting customers.

Nigeria is booming with entrepreneurial energy

If you know anything about the Nigerian business culture, you know that it is filled with a resilient and entrepreneurial spirit. Lagos, Nigeria’s mega-city, plays an important role in most businesses’ marketing strategy in Nigeria. Lagos’ contribution to the continent’s GDP makes it the 7th ranked economy in Africa – higher than the GDP of countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia. Business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria deal with so many unique challenges while running their Nigerian business that they have adopted innovative business models to work around potential pitfalls accordingly. In fact, most foreign nationals who come to Nigeria for business begin to realize that conducting business in the country is an opportunity to partake in a very energetic and bustling marketplace.

Lucrative new IT opportunities

Information Technology presents significant growth opportunities in Nigeria. These possibilities are endless because it is a relatively new industry literally ‘begging’ for investment. A company like Jumia which has offered a lot of opportunities for young Nigerians to make money, has attracted investments from global companies that believe in the mission and vision of the company. And with the government introducing policies to support the ICT industry which is the future, it is a bottomless pit for any investor willing to take the leap of faith.

Nigeria boasts a young and growing urban population

Of the over 190 million citizens in Nigeria, a large number of them are less than 30-years-of-age. The fact that the majority of Nigeria’s population is so young presents a lot of opportunities for companies looking for new markets with receptive customer bases. A youthful population poses other advantages, such as a larger workforce and a growing consumer class. Since brand loyalty is an aspect of Nigerian culture, having the opportunity to appeal to a younger generation in an effort to develop long-term customers is ideal. Also, with the growing urbanization and increased internet access due to extensive mobile connectivity, companies will be able to tap into an emerging consumer base.

Nigeria is a strategic testing ground for businesses in Africa

For companies looking to perform well in Africa, prioritizing Nigerian business in their expansion plan has strategic importance. Nigeria is strategically located in the West of Africa along the Atlantic coast. Alongside Nigeria’s growing economy and strategic location, the spread of Nigerian culture throughout Africa makes the country a great testing bed for consumer-goods enterprises. If your product testing is successful in Nigeria, be rest assured that it will succeed in any part of the continent. Jumia started in Nigeria and the model has been a huge success. The same operational model has been exported to 13 other countries and it is working!