How is ACLS Certification Beneficial for Doctors?

ACLs certification

An Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Certification certifies that the bearer is capable of diagnosing and administering care to an adult patient with heart or lung problems. These problems can include cardiac arrest, any cardiopulmonary attacks, and respiratory arrest. Healthcare professionals that are likely to encounter patients with cardiac or respiratory problems have to complete the ACLS Certification course. These include personnel from critical care, emergency care, and intensive care units. However, as a doctor, the benefits of completing the ACLS certification are numerous. Not only does it help improve your credentials, but it can also help you perform well during emergencies. The rest of this article elaborates on the benefits of getting yourself ACLS certified and the process of the certification test.

  1. The ACLS certification improves your credentials

Being Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certified means you have the required knowledge and skills to help someone having a cardiopulmonary attack. As a doctor, this certification shows that you are not only capable of handling emergencies of this kind but also willing to go out of your way to learn new skills. The certification acts as a testament to your dedication as a healthcare professional as well as your ability to help out during an emergency. In turn, these features improve your chances of promotions and your overall employability in the healthcare field.

  1. Being certified improves your confidence

Doctors are not always prepared to handle emergencies. Doctors with years of experience learn to tackle crises in a calm and orderly manner. With the ACLS certification, you develop the confidence to handle these emergencies with the skills you have picked up during the course. The ACLS training course includes quite a few invasive procedures through virtual scenarios and demonstrations. It involves both mid-level and high-level procedures at the same level of expertise as Oral sedation dentistry training. These procedures are not part of the Basic Life Support training offered to all doctors. An ACLS certified doctor will also make a great addition to any team.

  1. You learn a wide variety of skills

The standard ACLS course includes the following procedures.

  1. Chest Compressions.
  2. The course trains you to diagnose and treat cardiac attacks and respiratory attacks.

iii. Airway management

  1. It also includes establishing ventilation with the bag-mask.
  2. You also learn how to work efficiently with a resuscitation team.
  3. Pharmacology

vii. Stroke Management

viii. Acute coronary syndrome management.


Now that we are past the benefits of obtaining an ACLS certification, here’s a detailed guide on what the ACLS course is like and what you are tested on.

The courses include the following kinds of teaching:

  1. Instructor-led sessions with real-life and virtual demonstrations.
  2. Interactive training with workbooks and manuals.

iii. The teaching is in group sessions and case studies based on real-life scenarios. Case studies help with reacting in a timely manner to emergency situations.

  1. An overall hands-on learning approach to all procedures taught throughout the course.

The course takes about twelve hours to complete for first-timers. For doctors looking to renew their license, the maximum required time is about six hours. The certification training is available both in person and online. Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and work in virtual scenarios.

Once you have completed the course, you have to undergo a test. This test measures your ability in the following ways,

  1. A written examination.
  2. It tests your ability to perform CPR.

iii. It measures your skills in the bag-mask ventilation procedure.

  1. A Megacode test.

It tests your skills with Automated External Defibrillators.

Here is what you should do to become ACLS certified

The safest and most accepted way of getting certified is through the American Heart Association (AHA). Most hospitals and institutions accept certifications from this association.

Attending local classes is one of the safest ways to get a legitimate and recognized ACLS certification. The pricing for these classes usually ranges between 150 US dollars to 200 US dollars. As most national hospitals and institutions only recognize courses approved by the American Heart Association, you must make sure that yours is AHA approved before investing in the same.

Picking an online certification is a little trickier. There is no end to the imitations of ACLS courses available on the Internet. All of these courses claim to be AHA approved. However, very few of these courses are actually recognized at hospitals and institutions. The American Heart Association offers its own online program called the HeartCode ACLS. This course combines eLearning and hands-on learning sessions. It includes real-life scenarios (including Megacode and Basic Life Support cases) and team dynamics lessons as part of the course material.


With the certificate lasting two years and easily renewable, the benefits of obtaining the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Certification outweighs the effort required to complete the course and test. Always seek to further your education through online certifications or courses.  As a doctor, the higher the number of procedures and emergencies you can handle, the better it is for not just you but all of society as well. Start the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certification course today and move a step closer to a more satisfying life!

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